A Walk in Brightness…#22

You try to absorb rather than being absorbed, have you not done this too well.  Life cannot be lived without pain; one must learn from the lesson life gives so freely, if you never learn, if you keep returning to the pain that feels so real, nothing will ever change. 

Do you find that when you try to be happy, absorb the joy, nothing changes, your life feels like a pickaxe in the heart, you are deeply engaged in its meaning, learn.  You tremble with fear, lie down and hope life will pass quickly while you hide in the shadows of the darkness of time. 

Have you salvaged from the lessons life teaches enough to walk into the brightness of what will come beyond this tormented world, to walk in brightness is to know that happiness is just beyond the golden curtain.


Love and Peace



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Women of the Desert – Acrylics – 656 X 478 – Arizona 2009

Hidden Emotions…#21

Conception, birth, the process of growing older, and dying, the lifecycle travels quickly and then the final chapter written.  There are no exceptions, an age and date separates all living beings.  My strength lies in the middle developing a sense of self…we bloom or we lay in waste with the fading of seasonal growth.  Deep within there is a remembrance and emotion deeply hidden in the heart, quiet.  You may be a ghost of what you once were…but you are still a living being and the world applauds the reason for your birth.


Love and Peace


Author’s Note:

Although most doctors recommend a non-drug treatment for depression and hidden emotions, that was not the case for me; drugs was a necessity.  In the many stages of depression I deal with there are countless emotions.  I have only recognized and speak openly about these emotions in recent years; it began when I was in my pre-teens; my mother called me moody and my daddy never argued with my mother.  My emotions rang from inward fear, anger, grief and shame.  However, I was never allowed to talk about any of them.  In the Deep South during my younger years I would hear talk of neighbors and classmates being placed in asylums, I learn quickly to suppress my feelings.  My emotions were unbearably painful.  We learn as both children and adults, “Don’t be so emotional! We are taught two extremes: either hide or act out emotions. I chose to hide mine. 

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Looking at Evil…#20

America being tarnished by a man that is EVIL and I believe he carries deep within him the desire to bring every American to their knees and become a dictator.

Donald Trump recently, on twitter dishonored John McCain, months after his death. Trump is showing Americans just how low he will stoop to get himself back in the “public eye” of those who are still Trump supporters and those who believe that he is an embarrassment to the office he holds.  Trump is not worthy enough to speak of such a great man as, John McCain.

And, attention is what he wants, the only thing he wants, to have all eyes on him.

Trump is “EVIL”… there are people who will do anything to get their way; Trump is that type of individual.  Currently, we all need to be protected from Donald Trump.  May God help us all, including those around the world that may feel the impact Trump has on the World?

Pray for Love and Peace


Guns and religion do not kill; the people using them do…#19

Using religion to justify killing is wrong, it is time that we separate the killing fields of the world, the use of religion to kill, and stop the evil individuals or groups that want to keep people everywhere terrorized.  Religion is used daily to terrorize, intimidate and bring harm to people.  Religion is one that some people use to kill and it is hard for me to wrap my head around. 

I am a spiritual individual that does believe in a higher power emotionally.  However, I believe in many other religions, I find something in their doctrine that I can grasp; I was baptized in a Baptist Church at 12 years old, I taught Sunday school in a Baptist church for 10 years, I called upon my own beliefs when I said special prayers for general living, health, and when the earthly body is wrapped in death.  Religion is not unlike family traditions during holidays or celebrating a birth; I celebrate the death of those I am acquainted and love ones.  I found some old research on religion and that will be the subject of my post today.

It is said that the world’s first religion on earth is the AFRIKA RELIGION, born in the Sacred Holy Garden of the Creator in Continental Afrika.  I have no proof, nor can I find more that it being an organization, much like other religious organizations.

However, the oldest known religion known to man is Hinduism.  Actually, no one truly knows when the first religion was named.  Nonetheless, Hinduism is more than 50,000 years old.  Animism is another religion that dates back more than 50,000 years.

Islam I understand is about 1435 years old, recognized about 600 years after Jesus.  The core message of Islam is simply “Oneness of God”.  Islam, the Muslim religion originated in the Arabian Peninsula around the year 622 by the Islam Prophet Muhammad who lived in Mecca.  It is said that Muhammad received revelations from God and wrote them down in a book that would become known as the Qur’an.


The first English translation of the Bible was put together by John Wycliffe in the 1380’s then came the Geneva Bible in 1560 And the King James Translation in 1611 and of course, today we have many new translations

Whom do we give credit, it is anyone’s guess; I have a King James Version, I am no longer affiliated with any religious organization, i.e., church.  I know the bible well enough that when it is misquoted I know it.  I raised my children in a home that believed in spiritual association, to find where their own religious experience would benefit them.  There are no right and no wrong when it comes to the beliefs of the many, but it is wrong to use one’s religious belief to do wrong, kill, lie, and steal.

I believe that Martin Luther King, Jr., was a man of his God and that he taught kindness and to love.  Hate will destroy the Earth, and love may just save us all.

 “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

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Hidden Emotions…#18

Conception, birth and then the process of growing older dying is in the future as the lifecycle travels quickly and then the final chapter written.  There are no exceptions, only an age and date separates all living beings.  My strength lies in the middle developing a sense of self…we bloom or we lay in waste with the fading of seasonal growth.  Deep within there is a remembrance and emotion deeply hidden in the heart, quiet.  You may be a ghost of what you once were…but you are still a living being and the world applauds the reason for your birth.

Love and Peace



Art work by elizabethannjohnsonmurphree using acrylics and watercolors.

Understand My Pain…#17

Understand My Pain…

My world is like a grain of sand upon then shores of time, changing, ever changing, and then, flowing out into the sea of life.

Infinity is in my soul, eternity floats upon the clouds of heavenly moments.  My hours caged, my spirit angered at the thoughts of those who have walked away from my gate.

My feet have left their mark upon the sands of time, waves of tears have splashed upon the rocky cliff that bares scars of what I have lost, and my mind wanders the caverns of the past.  Words of doubt have poisoned my faith.

Understand My Pain©elizabethannjohnsonmurphree

The subject of grief is not entirely emotional. Grief is expressed physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Emotional expressions of grief include feelings of sadness and yearning.

 I am told that you can shift the focus away from sadness.   Distract yourself, find delight in beautiful days.  Reclaim the idea of what you have lost, spend time with good people.

Although these instructions and information I believe to be true, they did not work on me.Why?  Because I have yet to grieve.  I walked out of the hospital with dry eyes, the lump in my throat has lodged itself, the time…almost 10 years. 

I cannot grieve, I cannot let go, my silence is only broken by the books I write, the stories and poetry I create. When you are grieving there is no distraction, you cannot find delight in beautiful days, reclaim What?  Reclaim the idea of what you have lost will I get it back?  Spend time with good people, they are few and far between.

Love and Peace


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Orca mother and child 48X48 Acrylics – gift to daughter 2016

Casualties of Political Wars – The Homeless…#16

Casualties of Political Wars – The Homeless…

The homeless cannot sleep on cold nights, they gather around a burning barrel, men, women and children, forgotten, shattered and despised.  In the distance, a baby cries.  Begging for food, living on the streets, no jobs, family no longer sound.  The spirit freezes, fruit of labors rot, life squeezes and struggles to persist.   Bad luck smothering heart and soul, hope ceases to exist.  Shifting winds turn into storms, will the world grow wiser or beaten back into servility?  Trust departed, a cardboard box in the streets is where the homeless make their beds, hope disappears and the future appears dead.

Homelessness represents both a policy problem and a political dilemma in the United States. In the wealthiest economy in the world, the fact that individuals and families lack housing and must live on the streets, in their cars, or in congregate shelters calls into question the basic functioning of the social safety net and suggests that something is deeply wrong with the political and economic priorities of the country. Yet the dominant discourse in the United States proposes that at least some percentage of homeless people are at fault for their situations; their dysfunctional behavior, aberrant choices, and lack of a work ethic explain their homelessness more than economic inequalities or policy priorities.  As the analysis of policy approaches below suggests, political and policy choices may explain, at least in part, the growing numbers of children who are homeless.

Social system dislocations—an increasing rate of poverty, a deteriorating social “safety net,” the steady loss of low-skill employment and low-income housing, and others—have created a situation … where some people are essentially destined to become homeless. In so many words, we now have more poor and otherwise marginalized people than we have affordable housing in which to accommodate them.

Love and Peace



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