Dwelling in Self-Darkness…#32

Insightful.  You are neither a coward nor a saint, your thoughts are clear, you have a plan and you are open to change.  This will never take place because there are times when you live in that “Superficial Place”, where no one can get to you, where no one knows you, where you are not bothered.  There is no place to flee; flickering thoughts dash across your mind; you ask the question,   was you born too early in the Earth’s period of time, or maybe too late.  At night you dream of heaven, travel from star to star, there is no plan.  You wish that you could live in that dark realm, there looking toward Earth. Heaven may never be opened t, nor Hell; this is the dream, the darkness of night, it was a strange descent into reality.

The place that you will dwell is not for the faint hearted, it is on this path that truth will be open to you.  There are no more delays to this life; there will be no more unspoken words.  The only drama you know is truth.  Travel forward on this hard and dreadful way within the circle of Earth. 

Love and Peace




Artwork by Author below – Acrylics and Watercolor


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