Second Chance…#33

Do you have nightmares?  Have you ever dreamed of walking through a gateway into to the city of doom; and each night when you sleep do you open that door walking into another sphere of everlasting pain, mentally and physically.  No one pushes you through the gate, you walk willingly, and do you feel confident that you can handle the tragedy that you know will be waiting there for you.  Tucked deep inside that confidence is there fear; within the fear are there secret things, distrust and lies.

It is the darkness that you believe is the most evil; sometimes does a blood red moon framed by the stars hang above you.  Hearing strange tongues frightful and shrill, filled with anger, strike fear into your heart.  Do you sometimes weep as the outcries reach your ears, as maybe you do not have a stainless claim to your own life?  Do you fear for the souls you hear, even the depths of hell may refuse them and they will be lost forever in the darkness.

Do you question if there is hope with death, will you have memories of the earth and of the lives that remain when you are gone?  The souls that you hear are loud, their tears are blood red, and each is crawling in vile mud.  Do you lower your eyes?   Do you believe that they will have rebirth, if they lived in blaspheming is this terrible wailing their fate.

Does a bitter flood rushed over you as each pass you to their final resting place?  They seem conscious of their approaching doom.  It is in this darkness that each were given another chance to feel the love of God upon their faces, they refused. Afterwards the ground broke from beneath their feet, did you seem to be sinking with them to a senseless dreadful shore and are you afraid that you will not wake from this nightmare.  This is my fear, that I too will be lost forever before I can wake; will we have a second chance?

Love and Peace




Artwork by Author – Acrylics and Watercolor


3 thoughts on “Second Chance…#33

  1. I found this post troubling. Forgive me if I am reading too much into it. Clearly, you meant to evoke fear and horror. You did that expertly. My question is, does this post express your beliefs about God and Salvation? If so, you should know that Jesus Christ died to restore the relationship between God and man. We have the opportunity to choose Him as our Savior in the here and now. “Behold, now is the time of favor; now is the day of salvation!” (2 Cor. 6: 2). With that comes real peace. ❤


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