Leonard Durso…#60

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Leonard Durso

A long time cyber friend, his books are exciting to read, mystery surrounds you, in each chapter of his books; you want to keep reading, never put down until you know the ending..

Leonard Durso posted this from another poet.  It is stilled, chilled and crumbling in another time.  Enjoy the read.  E. 

Days and months never take their time.
The four seasons keep bustling each other

Away. Cold winds churn lifeless branches.
Fallen leaves cover long paths. We are frail,

Crumbling more with each turning year.
Our temples turn white early, and once

Your hair flaunts their bleached streamer,
the road ahead starts closing steadily in.

This house is an inn awaiting travelers,
and I yet another guest leaving. All this

Leaving and leaving–where will I ever
end up? My old home is on South Mountain.


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