Anger and Sadness…#55

Watercolor by Elizabethannjohnsonmurphree

Doubt and despair at times over life, how long until the end.  Is there no end.  Do we crossover without suffering.   There was a day when I watched in silence while inside the screams were not coming.  The horror closed up my throat. I watched in silence as a pure light flickered then went out, silence filled the room; the angel in our life was gone. 

Words like a blade thirsting for blood stabbed at my heart, even a mother’s love could not save her.  The day over, my heart ripped from my bosom tossed into the night.  With the sunrise your soul beautiful and innocent soul took flight.

 God let me see you blossom, he let me see you grow; why he wanted, you back know one would know.  Anger and sadness I could not rest, my child is gone with the rising sun and with it, and I watched my happiness flee.

Peace and Love



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