Give Me a Break…#73

Well hello my wonderful followers…it appears that I will add September 2019 to my list of “GIVE ME A BREAK”. On September 18th I landed in the hospital again…this time with elevated sugar levels. This did of course put me in a race to bring them under control. Today is the 24th and I can cross my fingers, eyes and anything else I can cross that we have come up with the right dose. I am now at 61 units of Insulin. I do hope I can see the end of the tunnel with this setback? I am anxious to get back into the throws of writing today. In the words of one of my favorite writers, Anne LaMotte, I am working on the first “SHITTY” draft of Generations of Secrets and Lies. In organizing my many chapters, events and heartaches I have determined that if it is not shortened, it will need to be a series. This is fine too; it is a saga that covers eight generations at this time. So I wish all of you good blogging, and never give up on your passion, no matter what may get in your way, I believe it is all worth the time and effort. I will try to give you another update soon.


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