a cONvERsATIoN wITh dEpReSSion aNd aNXIETy

Depression is rampart, especially during this World Wide Virus. CR Murphree is an educator, Young Adult Novelist, and passionate about helping people with depression and anxiety by sharing his own insights and experiences. Enjoy the post. E.

Thoughts and Writings on Mental Health and Mindfulness

I was with a friend and we were talking about a young woman who was hospitalized for depression. When he found out about her, his response was, “But…she seems so together, so with it.”

My first thought was, “Do you know how much courage, strength and energy it takes to ‘seem with it?’”

The stigmas are real in regards to mental illness and they are extremely harmful to those that are struggling. Some of the strongest people I know have depression and anxiety. They have to be strong in order to keep going. My therapist recently gave me this analogy and it made perfect sense:

There are two people running the same marathon at the same pace. One has his normal running clothes on: shoes, shorts, shirt, and bib number. The other has those same items but is also carrying a large backpack full of rocks. Who is the strongest?

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