Panic Is One Son Of A Bitch!

C.R. Murphree, Educator, Young Adult Novelist, Mental Health Activist and Speaker.

Thoughts and Writings on Mental Health and Mindfulness

Here’s a short blog on anxiety and panic.

Fuck anxiety and fuck panic!

I could have ended it right there and those of you with anxiety would probably just nod your head and say, “Yep, fuck it!”

I will keep this short. Any of you that know me or have read my blogs know that I am an open book when it comes to my depression and anxiety. For those of you that don’t, I share my story because I have had good friends, strong men, die by their own hands because of their illness. I tell my story to teenagers because I was once like them, sitting through boring lectures simply trying to survive my days with depression, feeling like no one understood what I was going through.

Today, I write a quick story to expel the stigma that people with depression and anxiety are weak. It couldn’t be…

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