A Peaceful Warrior

C.R.Murphree Educator, Young Adult Novelist, Mental Health Activist/Speaker.

Thoughts and Writings on Mental Health and Mindfulness

There was once a woman, a peaceful warrior, who each morning before sunrise gathered her belongings in a cloth backpack, kissed her husband goodbye, and made her way over the field to the next valley, and into the village to gather her troops. Her purpose, what she was called on each day to do, was to lead the eager, but sometimes weary people through lessons that would one day help them become warriors themselves. She shaped them into what they needed to become to not only serve others, but survive this life. This warrior stood in front of them and brought her knowledge to those she led. She gave every ounce of her soul and they absorbed it because even though they did not quite realize it at the time, what she offered to them they would carry on in their memories for a lifetime. The woman taught, assessed, and…

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