A Moving Beast

Update from Chuck Murphree Blog

Thoughts and Writings on Mental Health and Mindfulness

A Journey

I want to share my past two weeks with you. I want to share a little of myself because I’ve been told by many that by sharing my story, it has helped them navigate their own darkness and fear. I’ll break it down for you as a progression of what anxiety and depression look like. It is also Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, and if I can help another feel like they are not alone, then take this journey with me and know for certain that you are not in this battle by yourself. Many suffer. Still, mental illness, like depression and anxiety is incredibly lonely. It’s isolating, debilitating at times, and can be deadly. It’s an illness, not unlike any other deadly illness that can consume your mind, body, and life. To not talk about it, accept it, or judge it, is dangerous. I have also had…

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