The Whole Day Through…#344

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The Whole Day Through…
I lay down in a field of poppies, red
Dotted among the green, I watched
The clouds moving lazy above me.
They touched the mountain peaks,
They touched my soul, it’s far away,
But someday there I will go.
If I lay long enough it will be night
The stars will come out to greet
Me, among them may be the
Milky Way.  It is then that I shall
Rise, the Poppy field will not want
Me to stay.
As a Poet I live in a meditative mood,
And live in the delight of solitude.  I
Am met in the morning by the dew
Dropped roses through an open window
Their scent last the whole day through.
I live my life to experience these
Pleasures.  There was a time when
I let them pass me by, so many years
I have wasted trying to live with lies.
A human soul lives within me, I fear
 That the years have crushed the flowers
Of my life.  With the time I have left
On earth, I want to spread the love
Within me, remove myself of toxic things
Or people, in my life that bring nothing
But hatred and strife.
This new belief I know was sent from the
Heavens above, a new path for me to
Follow was written in my life’s plan.  I
Have a new lease on life, my goal to live
It the way I have always planed, no stopping
Me now, I have been shown the way, a
Second chance to live in peace and in
Truth.  The guilty I will be free from the
Debris of their truths, they will hurt me
No more.

Flying with Broken Wings
Flying with Broken Wings




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7 thoughts on “The Whole Day Through…#344

  1. ‘… no stopping me now…’ – you have no idea how much I needed to hear this sentence today – (summarising my project retirement/writing and overcoming not writer’s block but soul’s block). Thank you. Be well.

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