Back On-Line…#349

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I am back on-line and out of the hospital once again.  I want to let you know about my latest episode with “Multi Myeloma”, bone cancer.  I went into the Oncology center for my “Chemo” treatment Friday, August 20, 2021; the ride was uneventful as was the blood draw.  I was taken to Dr. O, office for a consult before treatment.  It was there that she informed me that my oxygen was low and that she was sending me via ambulance to the ER.  The ride to the ER was the last thing that I rationally remembered.

I remembered one of the ER Doctors saying that I had, a fever, lungs filling up, Pneumonia, for many my age this is a death sentence!  They begin treating the infection immediately, I explained that I needed to go home, that I had been in the hospital for two-half weeks, Rehab for two-weeks, and I had been gone from home for over one-month.  Home only one day and was in Oncology for Chemo, I needed to go home.  I remember IV’s and confusion!   

I opened my eyes and it was still dark outside, a nurse told me it was August 21, 2021, I told her that I thought it was December 21, that my room was decorated for Christmas.  She was very kind explaining that I had entered the hospital on August 20, 2021, it was early morning and there were no decorations in my room.  Thank goodness she stayed with me continuing to explain that I was taking “mega” medications and that may be the reason for the delirium. I “thought” that I got up out of bed making my way outside where there was snow on the ground, a scene out of a movie “Four Season” that I had watched recently.  I tried to remember the names of the other couple go no avail, not even the stage names or the man I was with, Alan Alda.  My thoughts, I was dying and my children had decorated the room making it Christmas for me. 

When morning light began to creep into the room my mind took another turn into the fantasy world of delirium.  Christmas had disappeared, staff came in and out, I believed it was time to “shut up” and take in my surroundings, the only real thing was my son, Chuck.  

With Chuck being there and a telephone call from Carl make me realize that they too had experienced this type of delusion, and Mia a wonderful nurse that stayed with me until he shift had ended.  I continued to weigh in on my surroundings, I was suspicious of many things, and I tried to keep up with the staff, their names, and their positions in the hospital.  I read each IV that hung over my head, the contents and did I know what they were giving me.  My little knowledge of medicine gave me no help, but some of them I understood.  The hospital was not trying to poison me!  Chuck and Mia talk to me, he seem to have a great deal of understanding of what she was telling him, she had hugged me earlier, which was nice.  I did begin to come out of it and by Saturday afternoon, once again had control of my senses.

My delirium is now gone…  I had to spend several days in the hospital.  The combo of medications placed me in that position, which I did not care for and hope to never experience again.  I am back at the computer and tomorrow plan to work on my book.

My plan is to take all of the experiences that I have endured to put in the book that I had started before all of the health problems begin, Severe Anemia, Vitamin D Deficiency, No White Blood Cells, Cancerous Red Blood Cells, Bone Cancer and the latest a Broke Back and a Right Fracture of the Ankle, and on top of all of that Pneumonia.  Yet, here I sit pounding out my latest story for all of you on the old keys.  I and down but do not count me out!

I love each and every one of you and hope to work on a poem to post over the weekend, along with writing as much as possible on the book.  The days are getting shorter and the deadline may be at hand.  I hope that you will find my poetry books interesting and the book about my daughter compelling.

Take care of yourselves and each other.


*What are your thoughts on Sirhan Sirhan getting paroled? 

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37 thoughts on “Back On-Line…#349

  1. Well – welcome back from that episode of the ongoing ordeal.

    My thoughts on Sirhan Sirhan are that I hope they keep a close watch on him. There are so many other people I would love to see paroled before that one.

    All love and best wishes.

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  2. My dear Elizabeth Ann. What an ordeal. Daughter #1 who’s an MD (At the institute of cancerology here) often tells me about some of her patients who get into delirium. It takes time and dedication to “bring them back down” she says. So I’m glad you back home. 😀 Like you said, pneumonia is never good. But you are HOME, and that is a motive for celebration.
    As for Sirhan? The one who shot Bobby Kennedy? I didn’t know. I’ve been a bit away form any news. Just read that two of Bobby’s sons support the parole. Very commendable on their part. Me? I’m not as good a person. Let the murderer spend the rest of miserable life in jail. But then that’s me. 😉
    My very best wishes to you. Stay safe. Get your strength back. 🙏🏻

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I know that you do not live in the US, right? Like you, I am not as good a person as the Kennedy boys, I do forgive, but forgetting is a bit harder for me as I saw this live on TV. My health, I continue to fight. Thank you telling me about your daughter, it took me about 24 hours. I am strong-minded and questioned everything until I got it “straight”, and I am home. Keep stopping by, it is a pleasure to hear from you. E.

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      1. And a pleasure to hear from you. Keep fighting. As for Bobby Kennedy, I remember the day he was shot. (As I remember JKK and Dr King.) We were living in kenya. My mother cam to us kids and said he had been shot. A shock. Then she added: “such a handsome man.” (Beauty was always important for my mother. And she went on:) “And such a good dancer.”
        I said “what? How do you know?”
        “Oh. At the American Embassy, in Guinea. He came on a somewhat secret mission and was invited by Bill” (Atwood. The US Ambassador. Good friend of my parents.)
        Me: 😳
        My mother: “Bill threw a party at the Embassy. Presented all to Bobby K. and vice versa. Somebody put records. Twist. Madison. All the women were queueing to dance with one the Kennedy’s”.
        “And did you?”
        “Of course”.
        Take care E.

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      2. Glad you liked it. I did post my mother’s adventures in Berlin in May 1945, posing as an interpreter in the Allies talks about how they were going to split Berlin and Germany.
        Take care Elizabeth

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  3. Glad to have you back online! Stay strong.
    P.S. I was unhappy to hear that the man who killed RFK is going to be paroled. Forgive me my hard heart on this, but I still have memories of my feelings when I knew Bobby was gone. I understand two of RFK’s sons are supporting the parole. They are better people than I am. Plus, you’re catching me at a bad time. I found out today 4 friends have Covid and Afghanistan rescue efforts are in danger from terrorists again tonight. All in all…

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    1. I will keep your friends in my prayers. So much is going on and the US appears to be trying, but is it enough. In Ft. McCoy, close to me we are taking those rescued there, giving shelter, food, medical help, I fear it may not be adiquuate. You are a great person Sheila Morris never forget that! E.

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  4. Wow Elizabeth , you are a tough old critter … (compliment) .. out of your delirium and now pumping the ‘keys’ … well done my friend .. you are an inspiration to my tiring quill …

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  5. Hello Elizabeth,so good to hear you are back – and kept your rational doubt through the delirium and had people to keep you grounded. You did the hard work though yourself. Oliver Sacks in his book about the leg, in my way of reading it, describes how he too got through what some might call pychosis by remaining attentive to it. You have mastered that. He turned to writing it up as a neurologist and you – as a poet. Isn’t that the strength that can only come from surviving childhood trauma? Happy working. Warmly,

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    1. Good morning Barbara, I appear to be “back on track” with all that I must face; just added things to my list. I did get a few things done from a wheelchair, and I am now on the computer, ah…the life of a writer. Writing keeps me grounded to the many facets of my life! I have a day free from appointments and visitors so I plan to get back into the book that I am writing. The best laid plans go aray! Thank you for your kind comment, may grace be with you and the sun shine on your today. E.

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      1. I understand…though my health issues are but a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to yours, when I write or paint, the pain fades to the background. It’s good we have something to distract us. Not everyone does.

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  6. You’ve certainly had a time of it! I’m glad to hear that you’re out of the hospital and back at the keyboard. I didn’t know that Sirhan Sirhan was paroled. So, if enough time elapses, we’re just going to give you a pass for assassinating someone?

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    1. Appears so…He broke a mothers heart, again, left many children without a father and we give him a free pass. Many of his children believe he has paid enough, and more do not feel that way. He will now write a book, if not already started, and many will want to publish it. He will gain while other have lost a great man. E.

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