A Second Chance…#427

EA Murphree – Author – Artist

A Second Chance…

There are times when I dream that I believe outside my door is the gateway to the city of doom; nevertheless, each night when I sleep, I open the door walking into another sphere of everlasting pain, mentally and physically. No one pushes me through the gate, I walk willingly, and I feel confident that I can handle the tragedy that I know will be waiting for me.

Tucked deep inside the confidence is fear; within the fear, there are secret things, distrust, and lies. The darkness is the evilest; a blood-red moon framed by the stars hangs above me. Hearing strange tongues, frightful and shrill, filled with anger, strikes fear into my heart. Sometimes I weep as the outcries reach my ears, as I do not have a stainless claim to my own life. I fear for the souls, even the depths of hell may refuse them, and they will be lost forever in the darkness.

I question, is there hope with death? Will we have memories of the earth and the lives that remain when we are gone? The souls I hear are loud, their tears are blood red, and each crawl in vile mud. I lower my eyes. Will they have rebirth if they lived in blaspheming? Is this terrible wailing their fate?

A bitter flood rushed over me as each passed to their final resting place. They seem conscious of their nearing doom. In this darkness, each was given a second chance to feel the love of God upon their faces, but they refused. Afterward, the ground broke from beneath their feet, and I seemed to be sinking with them to a senseless dreadful shore, and I am afraid that I will not wake from this nightmare.


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Book #1 Echoing Images from the Soul

Book #2 Beyond the Voices

Book #3 Reflections of Poetry

Book #4 Honeysuckle Memories

Book #5 Sachets of Poetry on Adoration, Anger, Asylums, and Aspirations

Book #6 My Journey into Art

Book #7 Fragments of Time

Book #8 Rutted Roads

Book #9 Asterial Thoughts

Book #10 Flying with Broken Wings

Book #11 Cherished Memories

Book # 12 Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts


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