Love thy face a shapeless flame.

An extraordinary nothing. It claimed.

Did I see as sensation set itself

Free. Love is steadily gone, a

Choir of seraphs did I hear, as love

Spent within my sphere.


Books by the author at and Barnes&…

Book #1 Echoing Images from the Soul

Book #2 Beyond the Voices

Book #3 Reflections of Poetry

Book #4 Honeysuckle Memories

Book #5 Sachets of Poetry on Adoration, Anger, Asylums, and Aspirations

Book #6 My Journey into Art

Book #7 Fragments of Time

Book #8 Rutted Roads

Book #9 Asterial Thoughts

Book #10 Flying with Broken Wings

Book #11 Cherished Memories

Book # 12 Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts


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