Best Friends…#437

EA Murphree – Artist – Author

Authors Note: This plain and simple bit of poetry was written when I lost my little dog Mason to illness, he was nine years old.

The picture is at the Vet’s during his last moments. I wanted to go with him. Today I have close to the same problem. My little dog Dixie is only two years old.

She is not only young but very healthy. This time it is not Dixie, but I that will be leaving her. I never thought that I would be leaving her alone, and soon. I make the best of every moment with her before I cross over to be with my Mason and we will wait together on the current love of my life, Miss Dixie. She is my reason for every waking moment. I hope that you all enjoy the poem as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Best Friend’s…

A little dog barked and leaped with his

Master in a quiet little town on a quiet

Little street.  He fought with the he-dogs

And sniffed at the she-dogs, life to this little

Was a treat.

Years went by, and the Master walked with

A cane, the little dog limped along silently,

Their lives had changed.  The little dog had

Lost his sight, he could no longer fight he

Dogs and the she-dogs, he had just enough

Strength to wag his tail.

The town people watched as the two of them

Aged, the Master never walked again; he had

Become just another tired old man.   Within

Time no one saw the Master and his little

Dog, a neighbor knocked at their door, peeked

In the window, and there, they both lay on the


The Master and his little dog had watched the

The morning sky lose its cast of grays; it was to be

A wonderful day. Then they watched the sun.

Go down, and the lamp lights lit in the quite little


They closed their eyes; Master dreamed of

Walking along the quiet little streets, the little

Dog dreamed that he could see once again bark and


Master woke to find the little dog lying at his

Feet, he thought maybe he was just asleep.

Painfully he knelt, knowing neither would ever walk

Again through the quiet little town.

The little dog was dead; Master hugged him

One more time, saying his last goodbye.  Then

He, too, lay down beside his little dog and died.




Elizabeth Ann Johnson Murphree | Barnes & Noble® (

Authors Books at and Barns&

Author Bio

Born in Alabama to a Native American (Chickasaw) father and an emotionally absent mother, raised by a father, a Native American great-grandmother, and an African American woman who were all grand storytellers.

She lives with her Aunt Vina from birth to the age of three, then returned to her father. Summers she lived with her fathers’ sister in Birmingham, Alabama; her Aunt Vina would help her discover a library and mingle with a circle of friends that included local writers, artists, and politicians.

As early as four years old, she was roaming the countryside alone or with her father; in the evenings, she sat at the feet of these strong-minded individuals listening to the stories of their lives. Her aunt encouraged my imagination by introducing me to journaling, which I filled Big Chief Tablets with reports over the summer. Planted was the desire to write, a seedling waiting to spurt from the warm southern heart of a child. A cabin deep within the Black Warrior Forest was on weekends was also my playground. Summer was also spent going on vacations to Florida, where they had a small cabin on the Gulf Coast.

Her poetry is raw, sometimes dark, and may not be understood by all. Yet, it comes from deep within and reads of truth within her soul. The harshness that shrouded her life would cause her to withdraw from most of the world accept immediate family; it fills the pages with heartache, abuse, and the denial of a mother, all frankly portrayed.

Today, she enjoys her children, grandchildren, four-legged companion Dixie, lives in Southern Wisconsin, far from her southern roots, and continues to write and paint almost daily.

Below are the books that have been published in paperbacks at and Barnes&, under the name of Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree:

Echoing Images from the Soul

Beyond the Voices

Reflections of Poetry

Honeysuckle Memories

Sachets of Poetry on Adoration, Anger, Asylums, and Aspirations

My Journey into Art

Fragments of Time

Rutted Roads

Asterial Thoughts

Flying with Broken Wings

Cherished Memories

Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts

Cherished Memories


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