Winter is but a Breath Away…#441

Winter is but a Breath Away…

Nights are frosty, leaving morning dew.

Leaves are turning, even if only a few.

Trees will soon be bare of their cloaks

Of many colors.  When this nakedness

Appears it is certain what follows.

Red Birds stunning against a new fallen

Snow, their presence is welcomed as

Around the feeders, they come and go.

Winter berries on the stunning Holly

Bush tells of holidays approaching.

Happy children in the cold, bundled to

Their necks and their cheeks blushing,

Fireplaces are glowing, and the smell of

Oak and cedar in the air, smoke stilled.

A mug of warm rum by the evergreen

Wake in the chill of the morning as

Winter is but a breath away.




Elizabeth Ann Johnson Murphree | Barnes & Noble® (


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