New Year 2023…#445

Chuck, Elizabeth and Carl Murphree “My Rocks”, My Son’s

Words to Live by…Chief Dan George

Happy New Year to all my faithful followers. Leaving 2022 left me with nothing but gratefulness. A year of Multi Myeloma (bone cancer) behind me and another year with my family. I am grateful for the time I have been given so far. MM is a slow killer. With no immune system, my enemy is getting pneumonia or any infection I could not recover from. I continue with chemo 22 days out of every month. One day of infusion in oncology and 21 days of chemo pills.

I have excellent health insurance that takes care of everything except the chemo pills. These are at an unbelievable cost of $22,000 each month. Yes, you are reading it right, $22,000 per month. I am so fortunate to have a sponsor who provides me with a grant, and the cost to me is zero. Without this grant, I could not take the treatment, and I would not be able to continue living. I am grateful to those who share their wealth with those who cannot afford this medication treatment.

I have continued being independent, living alone, writing, and painting for the past year. I am slower than what would be my regular. Sitting at the computer for less than an hour in each setting, making notes to follow later, or creating a story or poem. I hope to complete my latest project and publish it this year if God is willing.

I have managed to control my pain. I have had an increase in morphine only toward the end of this past year. I try to manage my pain as much as possible; sometimes, I ask for the impossible. I did have to increase the pain medication, and I hope to keep it at that level. I have a high pain tolerance and can take more pain than some.

Each time I go to oncology, I look around at so many who are undergoing the same treatment as I am; this, unfortunately, will never end. The staff are God-sent and have become my extended family. We are all trying to get through another day, and so thankful for an entire year for me.

I have everything in order, and I work at things I can leave behind. Throughout the years, the children and grandchildren have asked for certain things that I have; I have not allowed death to get in my way, but I have given them what they have requested now. The “Now” is so important, to see them enjoy all of these things now while I am still with them. Paintings have been removed from my walls, and Christmas items went this past season. The joy of now gives me pleasure and happiness.

So, I say to you, dear followers and friends, enjoy 2023, and make every moment count; time grows short as we are not promised tomorrow. Please continue to read my blog. Purchase my books filled with poems and stories from my thoughts and heart.



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