An Update…#449

Hello Followers: It has been over two weeks since I posted on “The Last Chapter.” This post is not a complaint; it is to update those that may be following my progress. I am also on an MM forum where one can chat about conditions, what works for them, etc.

I have tried to come to terms with Multi-Myeloma, but it is challenging. Myeloma is much like being held in a prisoner-of-war camp and tortured. It is a slow killer! There is always a certain level of pain with the available drugs, always running on a scale of one to ten, the lowest being three or four and at times increasing to nine or ten. Over-the-ten mark happens when you do specific movements. The entire thing is overwhelming and tiring. As I have said, I am on Chemo treatment 22 days a month. The days off Chemo are filled with either too tired to do anything or sick. I take approximately seventeen pills daily, each having something to do with keeping me alive. It is not something you can “get used to”; it can only explain your level, and no two days are alike. I am not alone; many have the same MM, bone cancer, or other illnesses. Thus, the forum is to see what is new, and it is sad when one never returns to the site.

Food no longer has a taste; no amount of seasoning can give it more than something like cardboard to chew on and hopefully stop the weight loss (approximately 80 pounds in the last year). Liquids, my taste buds have acquired the like of lemonade. Water is a must to keep the system working.

I have lost my desire to write, work on a book I began before diagnosed, and my journaling has also taken a back seat. My great love of creating a story, characters, and the well of words has dried up. As has my love of creating poetry.

I do not leave my apartment unless it is for a doctor’s appointment. Most of the time, I order groceries online, and my medication is delivered. Sometimes one or both of my sons comes by, or we plan to go out for a meal. Without them, there would be no reason to live.

I have shut myself off from the outside world; nothing any longer exists for me, no pleasure. I have begun to give away my artwork, things I no longer need. I have told my family to take what they want now; there is less to eliminate afterward. I have everything that needs to be done by me; I have never liked “loose ends.”

My last piece of approval is that I have donated my body to the local University of Medicine. There is no cure for MM, and the medicine holds it back. I must try in some way to help solve the mystery of no cure; there is only the waiting game left to play.

I do not need comments about depression, anxiety, or suicide; these have been a part of this journey and will be until the end. I am well aware of these things and also have pills for that. But I appreciate this being one of your thoughts. If you know someone who may be dealing with an illness that causes these things to erupt in their lives. Reach out. Help others if you can. Mental Health is another killer and needs to be faced without shame. We live in a world where mental health is not being taken care of because of the stigma that is put upon it. Be mindful that life begins with the unknown, but never give up on caring for those in need.

I appreciate everyone who commented on my site; every word is welcomed, as I know others in “Blog Land” have been through hard times. I will try to leave a bit of poetry that has already been created now and again. I will try to return with updates if I can do so.

Thank you to those who have purchased my books at Amazon; I hope they will give insight into who I am, as the poetry was created from my mind and heart, out of a life of depression and anxiety.

My love goes out to all of you; I wish you well and hope to touch base with you again.



Politicians Controlling the Masses…#448


War, and evil give politicians a

Stage to communicate fear in every

Port and station along life’s way. To

Be a campaigner for our freedom.

While slowly stealing it away.

We cannot seem to flee these hoarders.

Of lies, they fill the skies and the seas.

With weapons of mass destruction. All

In the name of keeping the people free

Although our Constitution has persevered.

Still filled with worthy laws. It is outdated,

Dilapidated, formed when the country was

A baby, before it could crawl.

The development of a country mighty and

Free is now a nation where those unaware

Of its quandary want to be…while those.

Those who live here at times wish they could flee.

Be wary! Awake, take watch day and night,

What he politicians are pedaling and unreliable

Parents cannot afford to feed their

Families and jobs were sent far away, yet these.

Politicians give themselves raises while

Tearing down this country in any possible


They display beyond the realm of good.

Since giving the masses what they want

To hear. These politicians are trying to make you.

Believe that you have nothing to fear.

Be Wary! If you trust them to be honest

And have your welfare at the top of their

List. Do they have personal debt, are

Their children hungry; no, they live in bliss.

Let us not believe that we have lived this.

Life is hopeless. This is still the greatest.

Country by far, people like you and me

Have the freedom of speech. But, as a

Taxpayer, I am tired of the politician.

Living off the country’s resources like

A blood-sucking leech. Alas, I fear it

Will never change.