Politicians Controlling the Masses…#448


War, and evil give politicians a

Stage to communicate fear in every

Port and station along life’s way. To

Be a campaigner for our freedom.

While slowly stealing it away.

We cannot seem to flee these hoarders.

Of lies, they fill the skies and the seas.

With weapons of mass destruction. All

In the name of keeping the people free

Although our Constitution has persevered.

Still filled with worthy laws. It is outdated,

Dilapidated, formed when the country was

A baby, before it could crawl.

The development of a country mighty and

Free is now a nation where those unaware

Of its quandary want to be…while those.

Those who live here at times wish they could flee.

Be wary! Awake, take watch day and night,

What he politicians are pedaling and unreliable

Parents cannot afford to feed their

Families and jobs were sent far away, yet these.

Politicians give themselves raises while

Tearing down this country in any possible


They display beyond the realm of good.

Since giving the masses what they want

To hear. These politicians are trying to make you.

Believe that you have nothing to fear.

Be Wary! If you trust them to be honest

And have your welfare at the top of their

List. Do they have personal debt, are

Their children hungry; no, they live in bliss.

Let us not believe that we have lived this.

Life is hopeless. This is still the greatest.

Country by far, people like you and me

Have the freedom of speech. But, as a

Taxpayer, I am tired of the politician.

Living off the country’s resources like

A blood-sucking leech. Alas, I fear it

Will never change.




3 thoughts on “Politicians Controlling the Masses…#448

  1. Effecting change in our political system is a tall order, but one we must as individuals never abandon to hopelessness.
    As John Lewis reminded us if you see something that is not right, not fair, you have a moral obligation to do something about it.
    We do what we can. We must.

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