Born to Mourn…#451

I was Born to Mourn…

Do not weep for me but understand my pain.

My world has been like grains of

sand upon the shores of time, changing,

ever-changing, and washed out into

the sea of life. Infinity is in my soul.

Eternity floats upon the clouds of heavenly


My hours caged; my spirit angered

at the thoughts of those who have

walked away from my gate. My feet

have left their mark upon these

sands of time. Waves of tears splashed

upon the rocky cliffs of my mind

bearing scars of what I have lost.

My mind wanders to the caverns of

the past. A mother’s grief screams

into the endless nights, leaving

scars upon a heart that is already

torn and ragged. Words of doubt

have poisoned my faith. The days

are winding down. I was born to mourn.



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