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Born in Alabama to a Native American (Chickasaw) father and an emotionally absent mother since birth, raised by father, a Native American great-grandmother and an African-American woman who was all grand storytellers.

As early, as four years old, I was roaming the countryside around our home alone or with my father; in the evenings I sat at the feet of these strong-minded individuals listening to the stories of their lives. Summers I lived with my fathers’ sister in Birmingham, Alabama; it was she that would help to discover a library, and mingle with my aunt’s circle of friends that included local writers, artists, and politicians. A cabin deep within the Black Warrior Forest was also my playground on weekends.

My aunt encouraged my imagination by introducing me to journaling, which I filled Big Chief Tablets with stories over the summer. Planted was the desire to write, a seedling waiting to spurt from the warm southern heart of a child.

Nonetheless, with adulthood, the desire to write buried itself deep within, the dream wilted but did not die. It laid dormant, gaining experiences. These experiences became short stories and poetry ready to share with anyone who would want to read them. I began painting as a child and later as an adult, and then it lay dormant for years.

I write of many life experiences in poetry format; questioning everything from Mother Nature to God…the poetry is raw, sometimes dark, and may not be understood by all. Yet, it comes from deep within and reads of truth within my soul. The harshness that shrouded my life would cause me to withdraw from most of the world; it fills the pages of my writing, the heartache, the abuse, and the denial of a mother, all frankly portrayed.

Today, I enjoy my children, grand and great-grandchildren, my four-legged companion Dixie, I live in Southern Wisconsin…far from my southern roots; however, I continue to write and paint almost daily.

Below are the books that I have published in paperbacks at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, under the name of Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree:

Book #1 Echoing Images from the Soul 

Book #2 Beyond the Voices 

Book #3 Reflections of Poetry 

Book #4 Honeysuckle Memories 

Book #5 Sachets of Poetry on Adoration, Anger, Asylums, and Aspirations 

Book #6 My Journey into Art 

Book #7 Fragments of Time

Book #8 Rutted Roads 

Book #9 Asterial Thoughts 

Book #10 Flying with Broken Wings 

Book #11 Cherished Memories 

Book # 12 Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts 

Book # 13 Cherished Memories 

Book #14 Wings for Hazel


58 thoughts on “Who Is Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree

    1. Thank you so much for your comment to understand that the many facts in my life have been written down creating something positive, “I hope”. I realize most are “dark” but that was my life. 🙂

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      1. Without a doubt, He is… And to address your comment, “the sun does not shine on everyone.”

        Please check out Matthew 5:45 (AMP), “so that you may [show yourselves to] be the children of your Father who is in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on those who are evil and on those who are good, and makes the rain fall on the righteous [those who are morally upright] and the unrighteous [the unrepentant, those who oppose Him].”

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  1. Thank you for the follow Elizabeth, I find that we can always learn from others so I am looking forward to getting to know you. Please feel free to jump in any time with your thoughts. God’s grace and blessings on you and yours.

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  2. It took me a very long time Elizabeth, a lifetime in fact, to finally see meaning in our journey. To endure some of the most painful things in our lives, but in doing so reach a place that made all of what went before so worth it all.
    Those parents or loved ones that made us feel so unwanted, rejected or have no worth are in fact only doing what they too have grown up with, passing on what they know. But in fact it is this very thing that will bring us to a point where after much pain, and usually during a traumatic experience, that we will finally look inside, take that deeper road and ask our hearts ‘why’. We will keep at this because we have reached a point of ‘I can’t do this anymore’, and dare to face that fear that has been built from childhood and as a coping strategy created a wall, an emotional wall to protect a heart in so much pain.
    But it is inside this wall that the meaning of life resides. Understand the ‘why’ of a fear and it will lose its power over us. See the ‘why’ for what it is, that painful thing that we as very young children with a very immature emotional coping strategy build to protect our hearts from its hurt. Understand that ‘why’ and that wall will come tumbling down, finally setting us free from a life of pain.
    For behind that wall is something we have forever searched, that love and happiness we have searched for all our lives. It has been blocked simply because of the belief of ourselves has been hammered home by those we love and look up to, those very same people who treated us in such a way to make us feel unloved, rejected and so unworthy. It can be so painful that we convince ourselves that they do love us, simply because believing the other is too painful.
    And when we finally see its meaning, the reason that fear has been built, our world will be changed forever. We will see that our lives have been lived through that filter of fear, never really reaching beyond its meaning to us, forever holding us back.
    With it gone it will feel like a mountain has been taken away, no longer struggling each step we take. Blinkers will be taken off, masks removed and our sight will be beyond words. Suddenly the world will be a new place and we will begin to do something so removed from what we have always done…we will begin to create instead of reacting to this world and begin to live, really live for the first time. Smile at the sight of a butterfly, an urge to sing because for the first time we are truly happy, and all because of one thing…we have discovered through that wall a love we have denied ourselves, a love that we have searched for, for so long. Our love ❤️
    May yours be found dear lady, it is a very painful journey but within it is a freedom and love like no other ❤️

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      1. I must say I loved the South. Even learned how ter speak Sudern… 😉 (And can generally tell where a Southerner’s from, Georgia, Alabama, Miss’sipi and Texas have different “Accints”.
        Be good Elizabeth.

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  3. Dear Elizabeth, please forgive me for not replying on Messenger…’tis a mobile phone thing I never could understand, such is my uselessness! I am still blogging although cursed with a Reader that fails comprehensively to adive me of the posts from at least…not an exaggeration, I stress…1000, maybe more of the bloggers I follow. Most irksome and hence I am truly touched that you looked out for me. Yet hear I am. A positive. Even though I follow you already I’ve pressed the dreaded ‘follow’ link yet again in the hope it sends your posts in my direction. Best Wishes, The Old Fool that I am.

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      1. Thank you, Elizabeth. According to WP I should have received all your posts. My fear is that I will miss your, say, next post that may not appear on my Reader. Should I not comment and/or like your next post please tell me for it will not be deliberate on my part. Whatever, fingers-crossed and best wishes.

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  4. So happy to have found your wonderful blog. Best wishes from quarantine in Vienna, Austria, Italy’s neighbour …. (where the virus was really really mean). I love freedom, but I want freedom for all, not only for a few. Hope that even the dullest mind sees the necessity of corona restrictions eventually, no, before eventually. But I am afraid, as long as those do not experience the fierceness of that virus on their own body or on the bodies of beloved ones, they just don’t realize what is really going on right now. I suppose, they don’t care for others which don’t fit into their picture … so, so sad. Bless you, bless us all, because there are such and such everywhere …

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  5. Dear Elizabeth! Thank you for following my blog and letting me find you. I have browsed a little and it is wonderful. Your writing is so full of reality and emotions, it carries the reader along and tingles the mind and heart. May you live long and keep writing beautifully. Regards. PS. I do not have much sense of painting and therefore may not be able to comment.

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  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    I’m H.R Phoenix, an Author and the creator of penable.net which inspires, motivates and encourages people to put pen to paper.

    I’m planning to launch a Penable Academy by the end of next week with free writing courses for anyone to access and learn from.

    I was wondering if you would like to do a short course on writing. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindly let me know and I can give you more details.
    You can reach me at: penableme@gmail.com

    H.R Phoenix, penable.net

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  7. Belated thank you for following me! I’ll check out your site as I get time. … I write for myself mostly, but it is nice when others appreciate my words. I would like to be a published writer, but working takes so much out of me I have no energy to be creative at the end of the day other than an occasional blog post.

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    1. I begin to write full time when I retired. I also get tired out in writing, I have morning startup then take a break mid-afternoon. I write until about 5 PM. Most times I am up around 5 AM. I try to work during the holidays, but it just want work. Thank you for your comment, I did love your work. E.


  8. Elizabeth, thanks for the follow. I rarely write on my blog and I’m not religious despite sometimes naming art or poetry with bible passages. Just reading your about fascinates me enough to want to follow you. 🙂

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  9. Hello Elizabeth Ann. So nice to meet you. First off, your published work speaks volumes. Congratulations on such a great achievement. You are blessing the world with your artistic works already.
    Next, I don’t know you yet, but for the most recent poem I just read where you tell me you were unwanted since conception. What a sad thing to believe and have as proof. I will not contest anything you tell me: your truths are yours. But I will offer encouragement when I can. For now I will wish you my best wish: I wish you miracles.
    Lots. Find them in the ordinary— there in the no-bling places. I think you’ll understand.
    I’m also sending you a hug and sunshine.
    Be well, Elizabeth Ann. So nice to e-meet you, sweet lady. Stay strong.

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  10. I appreciate your follow. Reading through your blog has me again kicking myself for not keeping a journal. A minor interesting point, I was born in southern Wisconsin and now live in the south. We might have passed each other in life’s journey

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