Nancy Pelosi suggestion…#189

Nancy Pelosi wants to remove all of the Confederate statues from the Capital because they represent “slavery”.  If she is removing these monuments and memorials because of slavery, she has quite a few to take down.  I believe in equality, there is a movement to remove all monuments and memorials in the South, and remove history from the beginning of America until the Civil War.  Then let us know what we are talking about if we are going to make such bold statements.  

Where shall I start, maybe from the beginning…   

George Washington was a slave-owner and Founding Father of the United States. Washington inherited his first 10 slaves at the age of eleven on the death of his father in 1743. In adulthood, his personal slaveholding grew through inheritance, purchase and natural increase (slave’s chattels born). In 1759, he gained control of slaves belonging to the Custis estate upon his marriage to Martha Dandridge Custis.  He owned 317 slaves.

The Washington Monument built to commemorate George Washington, once commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, in the American Revolutionary War and the first President of the United States. There are 241 civil townships and 31 counties named for Washington a slave owner, 11 Institutions of Learning, 5 Forts, 8 Estates, 5 Neighborhoods, 8 transportation area, 11 Monuments, a stained glass window of George Washington at Prayer in the Congressional Prayer Room, US Capitol. 

Thomas Jefferson owned 600 slaves and fathered multiple slave children with his quadroon slave Sally Heming’s. Remove the hundreds of high schools, grammar schools and colleges named for Jefferson.  There are cities, counties and streets, parks the list goes on.

James Madison owned 100 slaves.  Remove the James Madison Memorial Building. The James Madison Memorial Building is one of three United States Capitol Complex buildings that house the Library of Congress. Serves as the official memorial to President James Madison. 

James Monroe owned 75 slaves.  Remove the academic buildings named after him at the University of Monroe, College of Monroe, Monroe University, and Monroe University. In addition, a statue of Monroe was dedicated in front of Tucker Hall on the campus of the College of William & Mary in 2015.  There are 28, cities, towns, villages’, 18 counties, 80 township, 1 unincorporated, and a multitude of streets, etc., statues, markers.

Andrew Jackson owned 200 slaves; he was also a slave trader.  Remove at the center of Lafayette Park, along the White House’s north side, stands this equestrian statue of President Andrew Jackson. Cast to commemorate Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans.  Towns, cities, parks must be renamed.  What about the USS Andrew Jackson. 

Martin Van Buren owned one slave (Not so rich), his father owned six slaves.  Are we to remove his name from the parks, school, and a mountain?

William Henry Harrison owned 11 (Again not so rich) slaves.  Not so much information about him!

John Tyler owned 70 slaves.  Remove any memorials of Tyler that was a slaveholder, at one point keeping forty slaves at Greenway.] Although he regarded slavery as an evil, and did not attempt to justify it (Two-faced), he never freed any of his slaves. Tyler considered slavery a part of states’ rights, and therefore the federal government lacked the authority to abolish it.   Tyler had fathered several sons with his slaves, and later sold them.

James K. Polk owned 25 slaves. A slaveholder for most of his adult life, he owned a plantation in Mississippi and bought slaves while president.    What more can be said?

Zachary Taylor owned 150 slaves.  

The list of what you call upright, law-abiding citizens were not what this country stands for today. You want equality in what stays and who goes, you have your work cut out for you.  Study your history; there are many statues, monuments and memorials to many of our presidents that owned slaves.  This is just the presidents, not counting the Congress, House, and Senate of the day.  Maybe this atrocity against human beings should be announced publicly, have someone give testimony to congress as to why they should go, or stay? 

If you are going to make such bold statements Nancy on Confederate statues, you need to acquaint yourself to history; then decide on removing “History”.


The WH is quiet about the spike in Covid-19…#188

Not a Happy Camper right now.

Yes, the country should open up, but with careful planning.  Many businesses are doing so, but it is the people themselves that refuse to believe they will contract the Virus.  This morning my son was laughed at for wearing a mask in a public place; he is supporting the economy by being there making purchases.  I told him to continue to walk away, silence may be golden, but it speak volumes when someone is laughing at your logic and common sense.  Therefore, we are on the rise with the Virus since America has opened up for business.

The corona virus is still killing Americans every day — but the Trump administration is not saying much about it.

“We’ve made every decision correctly,” Trump claimed. “We may have some embers or some ashes or we may have some flames coming, but we’ll put them out. We’ll stomp them out.”

Speaks without engaging brain.

Data shows that cases are rising and that we still have a pandemic.  Sighting cases of the Virus in Arizona and Kentucky has spiked after the WH recommended America open for business.  The WH is asking that we return to our health care providers for screenings (they want see you), vaccines (there are none available), care (want see you), or emergency services (call 911). 

I have learned that the Covid-19 is no longer a priority.  The Food and Drug Administration are returning to other issues like tobacco and CBD regulations.  The message given has conflicted with Trump’s vow of victory over the Corona Virus.  The message is that the battle has been won; but it is only beginning according to Dr. Fauci and the Experts.

I suspect it is going to be a “My body, my choice”.  I chose to keep a close watch on my health and surroundings, stay away from businesses, restaurants, casino’s, etc.; I order groceries, with Amazon taking care of my general shopping needs.  My family and I get together, large circle, respecting each other’s space, we have fun without “going out”.  If my family gets into a situation with strangers, they stay away from me for two weeks.  We do live in America, and these are my choices as I live in a “free country”.  Moreover, as a very dear internet friend pointed out to me, we still have freedom of speech and I need not apologize for the content of my post, even if most of it is my own opinion. 


The Gates…#187

Re-Blog…Created August 31, 2013

The Gates…

I am death, covered

by the blood of life’s

victims, the peace

loving, the innocent

and the brave silenced;

they lay with me here

in the grave.

The living stands in cold

silence, regret, moans on

every breath, living souls

that cannot keep away

the fear of death.

In the voices of life, there

could be heard prayer,

prejudice and dismay;

whether hate or fate, all is

now with me at “Heaven or

Hells” gate!


It is time for Americans to say, “Get out of my house”…#186

While I am not in favor of the motives behind many of the protesters, I do believe a peaceful protest is sometimes necessary.  I do not believe in the defacing, looting and burning of businesses. Bad police are among us as well as the good.  However, our President Donald Trump is a disgrace.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. @OANN  I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?

Twitter: 7:34 AM – Jun 9, 2020

A mad man or just an evil man?

I myself felt, that you have to be mindful if you are placing yourself in such a position before riot police, and you have to know there might be conflict.  My views and I watched it many times thought the man moved forward toward the police as a lone protester, he was not lined up peacefully with the crowd or this may not have happened.  In no way did I think it a conspiracy; it was just one foolish old man wanting to get into the limelight.  Did he have the right to move forward alone, hell yes, this is America, we are promised that right.

Trump as he does everything, he goes too far, he moves forward with ridiculous statements then like the coward that he is, retreats.

Senator Lisa Murkowski said that she was stunned with the statement, “Why would you fan the flames?”  Although she was speechless with Trumps tweet, it did not appear to upset Senate Republicans, so Trumps insults continue. 

Republicans continue to ignore Trump; most senators have stopped paying attention to Trump and his tweets. If you do not teach a child how to behave, he will grow up showing behavior problems.  Our child, our President shows that he is entitled to bad behavior; he has been shown that he could do this all his life and get away with it.  This is our county and he is bringing it to its knees with shame.

I would like to see a protest in the magnitude that we have with today’s problem formed against Trump, the Republicans like bad parents will continue to overlook and disregard.  If the “people” want to protest, start with Trump, protest between now and November to assure that he does not get re-elected, vote.

Are Americans satisfied with the shame that he has brought on this country?  Are we a Nation that enjoys seeing our President verbally or physically abusing women?  Do we as a Nation enjoying watching him disrespect the Handi-cap, those less fortunate.  Place immigrants into holding fences tearing their children out of their arms like the holocaust, instead of welcoming them into our county.  The atrocity this man has done in four-years is unfathomable. He is trying to be a dictator, a reincarnate of Hitler.  I only have one thought for him.


However, all this is just my opinion.


Who you going to call…#185

Defund and/or do away with police departments…go for it.  However, who are you going to call when you’re in trouble, your property is vandalized, your car stolen; or pray tell someone breaks into your home to rob and kill you.  WHO YOU GOING TO CALL?

Cutting funding for police departments or to disband them entirely has rush forward in the George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis police custody last month.  Now appears in gigantic yellow letters Black Lives Matter Plaza on 16th Street near the White House. Minneapolis City Council members announced plans Sunday to disband the city’s police department. George Floyd died in police custody and protesters say their work is not over. The concept of defunding the police is a topic of interest as protests continue. Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement have called for one-step toward combating what they view as institutionalized racism.

The Denver Police Department ban all uses of chokeholds.  A group of protesters in Raleigh, N.C., near the Contemporary Art Museum, painted in large yellow words “End Racism Now.”  In Seattle, a Washington National Guardsman was hit in the head with a glass bottle, when ask by police to move back.  Protesters then begin to throw fireworks, rocks and bottles at the police.  When a gun appeared among the protesters, the police used tear gas, the Mayor of Seattle ban the use of tear gas.  It’s never-ending.

Where do we stand…ban the police, let protesters kill, loot, and burn down anything they want to without repercussion?  This is all getting out of hand; we are letting protesters make the laws and rules in America.  It want work, there will be a Civil War American against American!  There has to be police to protect the innocent, the non-protesters.  It is the innocent that are having their businesses looted, defaced, burned down.  I am for justice, laws and policies for both black and white, all people in America.  How can this be right? 

This is America, this America has changed, and it is not totally Trumps fault that we have “Gone to Hell in a Hand basket”.  It is his fault for instigating much of the unrest in this country.  When will the mayhem stop?  Have we lost all logic?  Can this America be fixed, I don’t think so, it is as if America will never be the same after the Virus subsides, we will all live under a new normal. 

What happen to the Virus is it over or has the protesters give the news media better coverage.  In addition, how many protesters will now get the Virus as it spreads among them?

However, this is just my opinion


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Stop the madness…#184

I do not know if this is possible, however, is the constant attention brought to all of the murders, looting, burning, and calling out of National Guards and National funeral’s are throwing fuel on the fire of unrest in America. The National Funeral  covered by all TV stations and Cable Networks is using the man’s unfortunate demise at the hands of a police officer taking it too far!

In the 1970’s, the militant nationwide strike of truck drivers was over the top as well.  My daddy drove his truck within the Southern states at the time; he was an independent trucker who continued to drive even during the strike.  He fell off the top of a tanker and was hurt, laying him up for several weeks. He was one of the lucky one’s, many were beaten and their trucks set on fire.

My uncle Franklin D. Vest was also an independent tucker and he did drive within the southern states during the strike.  There were many protesters in this situation too.    

Strikers set up a roving patrol system that they say can muster 300 men within an hour to stop any truck moving goods in the area. The strikers are allowing trucks carrying food, drugs and beer to continue, but they have became outraged when they have found food trucks carrying other cargo. There was rock throwing, windshields have been smashed, tires slashed and air hoses cut.

National Guardsmen were called to duty to combat the strike and put the rest of the 13,000-man force on standby alert to combat “open warfare” on the highways. . Helmeted troops, armed with M-1 rifles, were stationed in pairs on some overpasses, while other Guardsmen rumbled along on patrol in quarter-ton trucks.  Guard officers said their men were also guarding truck terminals.

It was during this time that the 145th Infantry-which had intervened in four or five ghetto, riots in the previous two years and was soon to be rushed to Kent State.

These were American students, who were slain, maimed and injured for protesting. My question to myself is that there were no National funerals held for these student protesters, nor were there any National funerals held for Truckers death.

One death was that of my uncle Franklin D. Vest, he had served his county as a National Guardsmen, he had fought in Korea.  He was holding up in a motel /truck stop in Florida, he was sleeping in his truck.  He was murdered in his own county by protesters of the Trucker strike.  His casket could not be opened, as he was beat so badly in the face and back of his head, he was unrecognizable.  They had taken a tire iron and crushed both of his hands and of arms.  He lay there for 24 hours before another trucker went to check on him.

My uncle did not have a National Funeral, there was not even a write-up in any newspaper, there was no TV news telling of his death and of the injustice against him because he refused to strike.

I am getting very tired of all of the violence in America, black lives matter as do all other races throughout the world.  I am getting very tired of our president who opens his unknowledgeable mouth, then denies what he says.  It is all NEWS.  The News Media thrives on this, like junkie’s they were on the Virus, it was getting to be old news, then WHAM…they had “new” news.  The police officers, some good, some bad, do we have to hate all of them.  If you are being beaten to death, you call the police; they are there to protect you.  If your property is being stolen you call the police, they are there to protect you. Have we lost all reason? America actually never changes, its just a different decade, century, better policies, rules and regulations that protect the bad as well as the good. Are we holding accountable the looters? 

However, this is just my opinion!

I am not for violence, but… the madness has to stop!


I heard the Wip-poor-will cry…#183

Image result for storm

Last night I heard the Whippoorwills parting cry, from the wet field, the heavy leafed trees, and the torrent rain and hurling winds.  Here in our homeland, America, we are too quick to despair, emotions break and swell, in these frantic times of turmoil and unrest like the waves beating upon the shore.

The bitter days of spring are gone; it did not take with it the plague and chaos that hangs over America.  It is time to take heed, the evil one is trying to conquer, he is not the shepherd of his flock, and he is a sheep in “Wolfs” clothing.  No, he does not deny his evil ways, he believes to be crowned and he is not, he cannot fall from grace as he is already tumbling into a fiery pit.

He does not speak of the dead, he has no heart, no empathy of the crisis that the people of this proud and stand-alone nation is in, they are dying, they are in a war with each other he does not care about the dying and he condones this war.  Many continue to work with hope in their hearts, is it all in vain?  He continues to quest for power, he lays thorns in the path of those with heart and hope.           

His throngs of followers are like water gnats gathering to show him praise; his ever-nearing circle weaves a wall of protection crushing hope for the future.  They do not understand truth, they too are unreachable his charm grows within their closed minds.  The dark fog of hatred leans over the land hiding the stars of dreams and happiness, hiding the moons glow of hope.

Nonetheless, our wet fields will dry, the trees will stay strong, rains will wash away the hate and anger, and it will propel the dark fog into the past.  Another page for history, there will be happier times, the chants of old will fade from our minds and we will all once again have the blindness removed from our eyes.  Our hearts will sing songs of love, caring and oneness, we will sing the praises of our hero’s, we will bury our dead with honors, and we will survive.



America is in a quandary…#182

America 1950

America is in a quandary! I was born and raised in the South, moving from the country to the town of Decatur, Alabama when I was twelve-years-old. I move to Wisconsin in 1966, America was still in turmoil.


My thoughts recently have been on the 1950’s growing up as a teenager in Decatur, going to Decatur High School. My mind focusing on those seventy years ago is still clear, and the atrocities that are going on today, the times are being recreated.

Of course today’s mayhem dates back to March 3, 1991. Rodney King faced police brutality. This skyrocket police brutality, a scandal that most Americans condemned, police forces grew and evolved. In the 1950s, the police were looked on both favorably and unfavorably by various segments of the population.

Police brutality as a societal issue dates all the way back to the Industrial Revolution in the 1870s when law enforcement would physically harm workers that went on strike. The consequences of police brutality on the public are much less than the actual victim. However, damages to the public are harder to fix since the population is too large to talk to one-on-one.

Throughout the years, police brutality can be associated with racial profiling. Differences in race, religion, politics, sometimes exist between police and American citizens. Some police officers may view them as generally deserving punishment.

However, there are “GOOD” police officers in America and these police officers enjoyed wide support. It did in 1950 and it does today in 2020. In America in 1950, there was good faith in all levels of government. Nevertheless, we were pummeled with Vietnam, Watergate and other events helped erode their trust. Generally, citizens in the suburbs and middle- or upper-class white citizens in the cities regarded the police favorably.

However, the 1950s also saw great conflict. Communities strongly resented the police in the 1950s. In the South, citizens resented police for their physical brutality and abuse of power. They also mistrusted the police as a protective institution. In the 1950s, In Decatur, Alabama, my “home town”, police forces were mostly white and male.  In certain ways, the police were regarded as more powerful in the 1950s and 1960’s.

I am not proud to be a Southerner in those days; I was a “kid” and many things I did not understand. The things that I did understand were mind blowing. I grew to know that my mother was a racist, so was my older sister though behind a mask of lies. My daddy was never a racist and knew discrimination first hand, as have I, he always spoke the truth. They are no longer with us, and I still grieve for them, loving them as they were, was my only way to survive. However, I am proud that I was raised by my daddy and bought up in the Native American traditions of my daddy’s people.

What is going on today in America…I am ashamed of the entire country, I pray that it finds its way back.

However, other than the first hand knowledge about government control and family…all of this is just my opinion!




Betraying Native Americans…#179


4.MAKA-Earth Family
Acrylic Artwork by Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree


It appears that the Trump administration has revoked a tribe’s reservation status, in a grab power for land. This news is not new, but worthy a post. The administration has used discretionary powers to attempt to take lands away from Native Americans. I believe the decision is cruel and unnecessary, and many tribes are dealing with the Virus within their sovereign lands.

One major thing that comes to mind is the one-billion-resort casino. I can very easily see our President attempting to buy it from the government. These people are being blindsided. The federal court decided to remove the special land designations bestowed in 2015 under President Barack Obama.

The very bad news is that Native Americans own no land. Reservations are Federal lands, and the Federal government legally owns the land. American Indians living on Indian reservations cannot take mortgages out on their homes, because banks know that American Indians don’t own the land; the Federal government does.

The American tribes lost their lands due to being out matched by better armed Europeans who had black powder guns and cannons, steel armor and swords, which made them very hard to take down with the weapons the natives were used for fighting. The Americans stole the land from the Native Americans, just as the Native Americans stole the land from those before them.

The decision is the latest concerning sign that the Trump administration is willing to use its discretionary powers to attempt to take lands away from tribes. Joe Biden has posted a protest about the move. All year these power grabs have been going on, from East to West coast.

A Judge has blocks Trump from giving Virus relief for Native American communities to corporations. The Trump plan “betrays” congressional intent and tribal nations.” They were eligible for $8 billion in funding allocated by Congress; the Tribes believe that there will be other attempts to direct these funds away.

Have we forgotten the Native Americans?

However, that is just my opinion!



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Our “Fake” President…#177



I read recently about an individual the proclaimed that he would honor whatever the government said that the Virus was a fake crisis. Later, he and his wife contracted the virus, he recovered; his wife was put on a ventilator.

It is time that people stop to think what is President Trump thinking when he misspeaks and makes false claims; oh, that’s right he don’t think. He has once again threatened to stop U.S. funding to the WHO, and reconsider the country’s membership in the United Nations. I cannot see the country “not” being in the United Nations, this “FAKE” president is setting this nation back years; I sometimes wonder if we will ever recover totally.   He praises and he blames, changing his mind instantly. The Chinese is accusing the United States in using China as an excuse to shirk from their financial obligation.

What the hell, if Trump pisses off every foreign country that we owe money too, and if they stop financing the United States, or want instant repayment we may be in bigger trouble than we are now. What if, all of the countries that export to the U.S. stopped, what if all of the contracts we have with these counties when we sent all of our companies “overseas” decided to run U.S. out of their countries? What if, they stop all exports to the U.S. and not allow the U.S. on their soil. Well, we have gotten ourselves in a hell of a mess, haven’t we?

His once supporter, Fox News is now on his “list”, Trump is now criticizing the network. They jumped on the new drug he is taking, fearful the public will do the same. Those taking the drug with vulnerable conditions, respiratory conditions, heart ailments, they all died. The FDA has warned those taking the drug outside a controlled study where they are watched.

Trump is tested regular for the virus, if he believes that there is no reason for his fellow citizens to fear the virus, why is he tested. John-Q-Public has a difficult time in getting this test, but the President probably has one daily. In this new claim of the drug he is taking, he believes that the benefit from the treatment outweighs the risks.

All of his actions are to open up the country so he can have a rally and fill the arena with his followers. He will receive praise and give them the showmanship that he is noted for in all of his rallies. He is waiting for a Republican governor to OK a rally. Actually, without him doing press briefings he does not have to answer questions about why he is not wearing a mask, hoping no one wears one. Trump supporters will come to a rally knowing that they have the potential to get the virus.

I am fearful that the economy will take a dive, simple items which we have become accustomed to will no longer be available when export from other countries stop. That thousands of businesses will not survive, family business will no longer be the American dream. That credit card companies will freeze the use of card due to the public’s decision to stop paying them, or send monthly payments. Items in grocery stores will be limited. Gas may be limited. Yes, another depression that will take decades for us to recover.

However, that is just my opinion


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