America appears to be on “Crack”…#315

Freedom, the right to become nothing, build nothing, think nothing.  One of my favorite poets is Langston Hughes, a dreamer, there are many others as well?  A poet’s soul is deep; it creates in us the need to revise, revise, and revise.  Children are grand poets, clean, clear minds not yet destroyed by society, or filled with myths, threats and social prejudices.  Yet, many of the greatest poets are those who have experienced love, hate, social injustice and despair.

My poetry is filled with experience, it includes family injustice, personal despair, and yes hate.  I can only express my love as I have known it, my children has been the foundation of my love from the moment of their births; therefore, I do know love; expressing it has not found a place in my well of words.  The intensity of expression of my feelings and ideas has individual style and rhythm.  They come from that place within me that stays hidden from the outside world.  My poetry frequently tells a story filled with dark drama, it is unique in style.  Most time comes from either my spiritual, emotional, or psychological state; individually or all towering over me like a cloud.

The poem below comes from that place within me that fears for the future of our “Nation”.

Image result for Donald Trump at CPAC 2021
Donald Trump to represent the Republican Party at CPAC 2021. Should this evil man be allow to continue in America’s future?

America appears to be on “Crack”

And, America appears to be like someone

who has red ants in their pants; run, run, run. 

Washington is filled with bizarrely benign,

relics, America is not going forward toward

the light; it is rushing backwards into the


Brewing storms, ranting, not caring or

watching for the snap of a jaw that destroys

us all.  Politics are gnawed on by every

American adult.  Politicians spewing remarkable

lies.  If here, if Moses were here, he would be

raising his arms to the questioning white faces.      

What will our future be now that the world is

turned upside down?   A former leader believing

that he was God’s right hand man, piloting a

desecration of an American sacred building;

one built from stone and bone.    


Atlantis buried under ice one day here, the

next gone.  Will America slip quietly into the

dark ocean?  Americans, a blip in the history of

mankind, live, die, decide.  A great black distance

looms over the people as they curl themselves

around the flames of non-responsibility. They

should want to escape from the lie strewn plains

and mountains of our country; yet,  their eyes

dark pools of blindness.

America appears to be on “Crack”.


Southern Property and Birth of the Cotton Fields…#310

Southern Property and Birth of the Cotton Fields

Upon the waves of a tranquil sapphire ocean sails a vessel from hell, the purity of white foam bellowing in the warm wind gave no warning of what lay in its dark belly.

Fear of the unknown soon turned into panic for the confine souls taken from where God intended them to be.  Their freedom imprison by rustic chains.  Their blood spilled on the land they once loved.

Greed and ignorance of unyielding traders brought pain and profit from the gentle forest, spring waters, and warm earth.  Marched for days without food or water, not knowing their fate.  Different tongues melded among the scared the innocent.

Swathed in tar pitch to cover the gnashed bodies.  Clothing to cover their purity, only to be handled like the beast of burdens they would soon become

Sold at the auction block to the highest bidder, all speaking words that they did not understand.  Marched in chains to the land of their buyers.

High upon his noble steed the taskmasters whip reached its mark while the plow buried itself deep within the rich red southern soil.  Without food, water, or rest, toiling from daylight to dark to bring in the “Masters” crops.

Living in conditions worse than the animals of the fields, cold, unbound, with no place to run.  The lands of their ancestors lay unknown in a place that would soon be forgotten.  What was all of it for, the Gods, no!

The sun and rain nourishes without judgment, both the just, and the unjust, the vessel from hell has since vanished; blood and sweat planted a seed in earth’s womb and she gives birth to the white man’s gold called “cotton”.


NOTE:  I wrote this poem over the past several weeks.  Politics, rallies and violence from the white people has placed a blight on a once proud nation.  Somewhere along the way during this political time we have lost sight of other drastic problems in our nation.  The BLM movement.  Have we learned nothing as a nation, will be continue to repeat the same mistakes?  The trials of the black people did not end with the Civil War and the freedom they was supposing to have been given.  There was no justice then, and there is no justice now.  These proud people were taken against their will, dropped into misery by the slave Northern Slave Traders and white southern land owners.  They were not allowed to read or write, not because the white man feared the aspect, no, they feared that the would understand how they became slaves and would learn that they did not have to live as “slaves”.  This was a problem when the War ended slavery, many land owners cruelly tossed the black people off their land.  They did not know what to do, no education, no jobs, no homes.  The land owners suffered as they had no one to tend the crops, the romantic realm of the south was dead. When the white man saw the black people seemingly without purpose walking up and down roads, it was not that they were lost; no, they were looking for family that had been taken from them.  Mothers, fathers, children, yes babies, sold without thought. With the presidential election over, with a pandemic possibly under control, let’s not forget that “BLACK LIVES STILL MATTER”, this movement is still front and foremost still needs to be honored with change brought about in this melting pot of a country .  Let’s not forget the “whiteness” of our skin and the privilege that comes with it.  We must always remember, lest we forget the horrors of the past.  We are all responsible, we all need to focus on the moment and do what we can to make the lives of a great people better. We need to work toward making this nation better. Nothing changes in America. However, if we start with ourselves and just change what is wrong with our own perspective about everyone. Take time to care.


A Dictator in the making…#308

The sights of Donald Trump, he will run in 2024, he will win; God help America.

I pray that I am wrong about Trump getting stronger, winning in 2020; he will truly divide America and there will be blood running in the streets of every decent town and city. I have deemed him an evil man for four-years; I am believe people are afraid of his evil and what he can do to them. Look above and you will see the face of a “dictator”.

So, first, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat; I voted for the best man to do the job.  Donald Trump has maybe done a few things, but, they are not enough to cover up his making fun of women and disabled people.  I am a woman and had a disabled child; he has never been my favorite from the beginning.  Nevertheless, if this country voting Biden into office believes that he is truly president, he would be wrong.  Donald Trump is running the Republican Party, along with his Proud Boys, White Extremist, and Red Neck followers. These are all “domestic terrorist”; he will keep them loyal until his next election in 2024.  The Republican’s have turned coat on what they were saying during Trump’s last days.  Once he was out of office, and the possibility of no impeachment, they are once again all for Trump.

  Mitch McConnell, who stated Trump instigated the terrorist attack on the Capital, said Trump needed to be accountable for his crimes, now; no, he is a traitor too.  He made a famous “Mob was fed lies” speech, I said then as usual for the past 40 years McConnell has run the government.  Check your history on him, he has always lied.  Now, most Republicans senators have voted to dismiss the impeachment article against Trump.  Why, because he is no longer in office.  Republicans and Democrats both hastily ted, they all begin to lose their nerve, just as they always have with Trump. 

This is why they did not push the issue before he left, including many democrats who do not have the backbone to say they were for Trump.  Did Trump have them paid off, who will ever know; he has dished out favors like most of us “breathe”, constantly.  He pardoned many “friends”, criminal friends.  There was talk that he would pardon himself and his family, if you have not done a crime, why do you need to be pardoned?  The current talk is that he has done so before leaving the WH, in secret!  Mitch McConnell decided that it was better to keep the Republican Party than to “DEFEND AMERICAN DEMOCRACY”.

Trump wanted to be a “DICTATOR”; he thought that dividing the country would be his best chance.  “IF YOU PICK A FIGHT WITH TRUMP AND BACK DOWN”, he owns you.  It does not matter that he is out of office, “TRUMP NOW OWNS MITCH MCCONNELL AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY”. 

But, if you pick a fight with Donald Trump and then back down, he will own you. Even though he is out of office, Trump owns Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party.  So, let’s not forget McCarthy, he should have ignored Trump’s whining; instead he ran to the first plane to Florida and kissed “Ass”.  He had been all for impeachment, oh my, fear will make one do anything.  Trump has issued a statement, “President Trump’s popularity has never been stronger”, and he believes he is still president.

The {New York Times and Politico} reported that “Three weeks ago, Donald Trump was radioactive, even in the top quarters of his own party. Now, those same Republicans are convinced they can’t live without the energy he gives off, even if it proves toxic.”

The Associated Press reported overnight, “Republicans appear to be warming toward Trump, fully aware that his supporters are poised to punish anyone who displays disloyalty. With that in mind, party leaders are working to keep Trump in the fold as they focus on retaking the House and Senate in 2022.”

Republicans are not saying goodbye to Trump; they are placing him first.  Republicans are clinging to failure.   They are clinging to the hope that Trump’s donor base will still help finance Republican campaigns in the 2022 midterms.

I leave you with the Liz Cheney, and Don Jr., going to a rally to hopefully ousts her in the upcoming elections.  Does this tell you that Trump is still very much in control of the direction this country is going?  He still wants to be the “Dictator” of America.  Is this what Americans want, no, but it is going to be an uphill battle to rid the county of all “TRUMP’S”.


Casualties of the Times…#258

Photos show the trail of destruction inside the US Capitol following an attempted coup by pro-Trump supporters

Casualties of the Times

The homeless cannot sleep on winter’s cold nights, they gather around a burning barrel, men, women and children, forgotten, shattered and despised; in the distance a baby cries.  Begging for food, living on the streets, no jobs to be found, families no longer sound.  Government talks end up in contradictions, poverty is the prediction.   The spirit freezes, fruit of labors rot, life squeezes and struggles persist, bad luck smothering heart and soul, hope ceases to exist.  Shifting winds turn into storms, will the world grow wiser, or will it be humbled and beaten back into servility?  Trust departed, a cardboard box in the streets is where the homeless make their beds, hope disappears and the future appears dead.


A Rotting America…#251

Casualties of the Times

Begging for food, living on the streets, no jobs to be found, families no longer sound.  Government talks end up in contradictions, poverty is the prediction.  

The homeless cannot sleep during winter’s cold nights, they gather around a burning barrel, men, women and children, forgotten, shattered and despised; in the distance a baby cries. 

The spirit freezes, fruit of labors rot, life squeezes and struggles persist, bad luck smothering heart and soul, hope ceases to exist. 

Changing winds turn into storms, will the world grow wiser, or will it be humbled and beaten back into servility? 

Trust departed, a cardboard box in the streets is where the homeless make their beds, hope disappears and the future appears dead.


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Asterial Thoughts: A Journey into a Life, Thought and Fear: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781540862358: Books

Rutted Roads: A Collections of Poems: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781532909368: Books

A Passage into Madness: A State of Frenzied Activity: Johnson-Murphree, Elizabeth Ann: 9781688948990: Books

Hitler/Trump possessing the same traits…#250

Donald Trump’s destroying America.  He has tempted his followers into rebellion; they have achieved this with Trump stoking the fires of hatred and discrimination.    His thoroughness to deny the reality of defeat has threatened our democracy.  The Germans also argued that they had been stabbed in the back by liberals, socialist, communist and Jews.  That they had victory jerked from them.  This is how Donald Trump thinks today about the 2020 election, is he getting his teaching from Germany?

Trump is an evil man, possessing the same traits as Adolph Hitler. He is a sadist, without regard for human life.  He enjoys inflecting damage and suffering, the bullying, the violence, the destruction, frightening people, humiliating people, getting revenge and the like, is the behavior of  Donald Trump.

Hurting people makes Trump feel good about himself. It makes him feel powerful and in control.  It proves that you have been forced to notice him, Donald J. Trump, is the author of your despair and master of your world.


This to shall pass…#249

Image result for trump images free
“I have won the election, and I am never going to leave the White House”

 Are we still talking about Trump?  He has lost the race to the White House, Joe Biden knows how to walk the walk and talk the talk.  I cannot believe that we are getting closer and closer to the final day and Trump is still holding on.  However, now Trump is trying to stay alive with his lawsuits.  Rudy Giuliani is being laughed out of every court room he enters. 

Trump wanted to disenfranchise millions of voters, without thought he would deprive a person or organization the privilege to vote.  Currently, I believe that Trump and his followers are beating a dead horse.  Trump is known to get upset if he does not get his way, like a child he pouts and hides in his room.  He has spoken to the American people a few times since the election; he is calm, reads from a script, he is not the Trump that reads until he cannot stand it and blows up.  I am beginning to believe they have him medicated.   

Then we have Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom I try to follow closely as he scares me; he is a dictator and that is why Trump admires him.   Putin said that he’s ready to work any American Leader, but still isn’t ready to recognize the election victory of Joe Biden.  He continued to say, “We will work with any person who will be given the trust of the American people.

In the mean time we must hold onto the hope of our future, we must, in America, fight the Covid-19 Virus.  We in America must accept the “new normal”, the loss of lives to a uncontrolled virus; rebuilding from job loss, learn to deal with rising cost of living.  We will have to fight to bring ourselves out of the darkness into the light.   

Flying with Broken Wings…#247

Flying with Broken Wings

Author Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree books at: and Barnes&

Flying with Broken Wings is about the life of Charlotte Jean Murphree. Charlotte was not a famous person, in fact, not too many people knew her, but those that did knew there were many facets to her life. The book tells of fifty-two-years of daily testing of her will to carry on and the misfortune she faced. As a baby and young girl she was made fun of and bullied by schoolchildren, her progress was slow but she never gave up the fight to overcome her disabilities. As an adult, she fought physical disability of Cerebral Palsy, living with Bipolar, Depression and Schizophrenia disorders. She lived not only with these disabilities, she endured the “Voices” that lived within her for over thirty years. This book is about the beginning, the middle and the end of her life.

Books by Author at and Barnes&

Fragments of Time

A Passage into Madness

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Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts

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Beyond the Voices

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Echoing Images from the Soul

A Journey into the Soul


Let’s start with Trump’s claim to accomplishments; or those he takes credit…#246

These are just a few, but it is Trump’s “MO”, contemplating the past four years! Only eight days left.

 1. Trump took credit for 3 bills to benefit Native people and took credit. However, the tribal leaders credit efforts in Congress for those bills. The work was done by, Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat, and Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican. Senator Tom Udall, Democrat of New Mexico. Senators Jon Tester, a Democrat, and Steve Daines, a Republican.

2. Trump took credit for the finalized creation of Space Force as our 6th Military branch.  However, Trump directed creation of ‘space force’ as sixth branch of military Trump said the new branch would be separate but equal to the Air Force.  But, senior military leaders publicly opposed its creation, including Trump’s secretary of defense, James Mattis, because they argued it would create further complicated bureaucracy and counteract the Air Force’s work to defend the country’s space assets.

3. Trump took credit for a law to make cruelty to animals a federal felony so that animal abusers face tougher consequences. He signed it…But, a bipartisan group in Congress also deserves credit for the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act.

4. Trump took credit for the violent crime rate has dropped steadily since 1999. The rate rose slightly in 2015 and 2016, but the general trend has been a long downward slide that predated his election. This drop begins long before Trump was elected president.

5. Trump signed a bill making CBD and Hemp legal. Congress deserves credit for the inclusion of this measure in the 2018 Farm Bill.

6. Trump’s EPA gave $100 million to fix the water infrastructure problem in Flint, Michigan.  Both President Barack Obama and Trump deserve credit for this allocation, which was set in motion before Mr. Obama left office.  However, people in Flint don’t trust that it is “fixed” because they were lied to; it has not been repaired and is not safe.

7. Under Trump’s leadership, in 2018 the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil. However, Domestic oil production has been expanding since 2010, predating the Trump administration.

8. Trump signed a law ending the gag orders on Pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money-saving information. Mr. Trump tweeted in support of this law and deserves credit for using the bully pulpit of the presidency to demand transparency in drug prices. But Congress deserves most of the credit for the unanimous 2018 passage of this transparency law, which prohibits gag orders that prevent pharmacists from sharing prescription drug prices with customers.

9. Trump signed the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” which includes the “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act” which both give law enforcement and victims new tools to fight sex trafficking. The bill was crafted and pushed through Congress by Representative Ann Wagner, a conservative Republican from Missouri, who thanked Ivanka Trump for advocating its passage.

10. Trump signed a bill to require airports to provide spaces for breastfeeding Moms.  Congress also deserves credit for the Friendly Airports for Mothers Act of 2017, which was championed by Senator Tammy Duckworth, Democrat of Illinois, and former Representative Stephen Knight, Republican of California.

Beginning in 2016 Donald Trump operated like a typical mob boss, in charge of an organized crime family. He surrounded himself with sleazy characters that live in the shadows and commit many different types of crimes, most of which they are never held accountable for.  In 2016, Manafort and Gates indictments read like novellas, filled with plot twists, mystery and intrigue. The indictments against 12 Russian intelligence agents were incredibly detailed, showing Putin and his pals just how much U.S. intelligence agencies know and can prove about their evil activities.

One thing we know for sure is that Donald Trump won the presidency in the Electoral College by the narrowest of margins. We may never know if the crimes that occurred caused Hillary Clinton to Someday; it may become clear that Donald Trump is both a criminal and an illegitimate president.

The House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump. Following a weeks-long investigation into the president’s dealings in Ukraine, in which Trump allegedly pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate his political rivals, the House officially voted in favor of two articles of impeachment, making Trump the third president in U.S. history to be officially impeached. Rep. John Lewis said on the House floor. “Our children and their children will ask us, ’what did you do? What did you say?’ For some, this vote may be hard. But we have a mission and a mandate to be on the right side of history.”


Check facts; don’t listen to others from either party, then vote on your findings, and not what someone else told you.


Republicans vs Democrats…# 245

BY – Celeste Epiphany Waite

Hear my voice, hear my dreams

Let us make a world, world, in which in I believe

Hear my words, hear my cries

Let me see a change through these eyes

You may think I won’t be heard

Still I raise this hand, spread this word

These words of fire, of hope and desire

And now I’ll let them free

Hear my voice, hear my dreams

Let us make a world in which in we believe

In which we believe

Hear my words, hear my choice


During the past four-years, I have said that Trump was a cross breed of Hitler and Jim Jones.  The book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle).  Mein Kampf, (yes, I have read it) is autobiographical written by Adolf Hitler while imprisoned, in it Hitler outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany.  It is said that Trump read Hitler’s “My New Order”, a collection of speeches; they contained Hitler’s extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.  “My New Order” and that there are similarities between the speeches of Trump and those written by Hitler.  The speeches show that when criticism by someone responds back with insults and name calling.  Both Hitler and Trump contradicts themselves often.   Hitler made and then broke treaties, just like Trump has separated America from many of our Allies. 

James Warren Jones the American cult leader, preacher and self-professed faith healer conspired with his inner circle to direct a mass murder-suicide of himself and his followers in his jungle commune at Jonestown.   Jones was an aggressively bisexual drug user, liar and narcissistic psychopath. In 1978, Jones then ordered a mass suicide and mass murder of 918 commune members, 304 of them children, almost all by cyanide-poisoned Flavor Aid.

The moral fiber of the person who occupies the Oval Office matters to the vast majority of Americans. Across party lines and religious groups, say it is important to have a president who lives an honest, decent life.   In looking at the beginning of Trumps impeachment, Trump was tied to the fact that the Ukraine may have been pressured to investigate H. Clinton.  After four- years as president few deny that Trump misuses his power. 

This president appears to be a pathological liar, rough, bullish and shows personal and professional evilness.  I believe him to be a severely damaged human being and a treacherous president.  Yet, the presidency deserves respect, even when the president does not.  He is willing to say and do things that no other president in American history.  Republicans’ are driven by only one thing, to defend their president at all cost, and they will do anything to protect him.  At one time the Republican Party stood for truth, honor and integrity, no more.  

I am certain that the Republican Party is thinking about their loss of power with Trump in office.  It is too late to turn back, four years raced by in the blink of an eye, but it is not too late to make a logical decision about the future.  My issue with Trump is the lies; I cannot forgive his moral wrongdoing, his malice and his assault on reality, the truth.   

Trump has promised to create 10 million new jobs, is he counting that above the 22 million jobs that vanished due to the pandemic?  He pledged to create 1 million small businesses, cut taxes, protect American jobs, and develop a Vaccine by the end of 2020.  Return to normal by 2021; make medicines and supplies available for health care.  Yet another answer to the question is to ask states to bid on the supplies.

He has pledged to bring back jobs from China, provide no contracts to those outsourcing to China.  Hold China accountable for the spread of the Virus.  Cut the cost of prescription drugs, lower healthcare insurance, cover all pre-existing conditions.  Provide school choice to every child, teach American exceptionalism; American exceptionalism can best be defined as the belief that the United States has a duty to spread its ideals around the world.  Trump wants to take limits off Congressional Terms, fund law enforcement, and deem drive-by shootings an act of Domestic Terror.  He would dismantle human trafficking networks. 

For the future, he want to launch a space force, establish a permanent presence on the Moon, send manned missions to Mars, win the internet race to 5G. Lead the world in clean drinking water and air? Stop endless Wars and bring all troops home, maintain and expand America’s military strength.  Wipe out Global Terrorists; build a Cyber security defense system and missile defense system.  Continue to nominate Supreme Court judges, defend the freedoms of religious believers and organizations, and support the second Amendments rights.

Creating an impossible list, probably, as the Democrats also create an impossible list.  So the purpose of my research is to see how both parties’ promises will probably never see the light of day.  Nonetheless, the worse choice of the two is Donald Trump.  I am certain my Republican followers disagree with me; your comments are welcome as well as those from the Democrat party.   I do not believe either can deliver what they base their presidency on; neither can tell the truth in some cases.  No matter who wins we will still have to show a measure of respect for the position they hold.


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