I need a new subject…#195

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It’s June, we are half way through the year and I am ready to broach a new subject, clear the mind of all the rubbish that is attacking our senses.  With that being said, did you make a New Year’s resolution, or several?  I made nothing beyond trying to stay healthy.    We all know that a New Year’s resolution is a promise a person makes for the New Year.  Some promise themselves to change a bad habit, change their life, their relationships; these promises can take many forms. 

I have found that many of the top promises people make are, spend more time with family and friends, tame that bulge, quit smoking, quit drinking, get out of debt and enjoy life more.  Helping others also would top my list, if I stay healthy.  A few list for some is getting organized, I am a minimalist and have been all of my life, so I have only the bare necessities and I have only what I need.

I retired almost twenty years ago, my only promise to myself was to write, to be published and start a blog.  I have accomplished all three in a small way.  This year I have made a promise to meditate more, read more. I also promised myself to continue with my painting, as a hobby more or less, not to sale, although I have been tempted to have a showing or a booth in one of the many art fairs that we have in the area.  I have also thought of taking my art to Door County, many artist put their work in various shops in the spring and go pick it up in the fall, just an idea. 

I have not acted on that one yet, or the showing or art fairs.  I suspect that I am not confident enough in my work to show.  I try to improve daily, as I write most daylight hours and when tired move over to my current art project. 

I have given thought to the beginning of every year, it did not just start as we know it today, with the making of promises, toasting with your favorite drink and kissing the one you love. 

Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. Supposedly, medieval knights had their own version of the New Year’s resolution. One by one, during the last feast of the Christmas week, they would place their hands on a live or roasted peacock and recommit themselves, for the next 12 months, to the ideals of chivalry.  I have heard that some wish the “Peacock Vow” would return, I for one laughed at that notion.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is one of Judaism’s holiest days. Meaning “head of the year, Rosh Hashanah commemorates the creation of the world and marks a period of introspection and repentance that culminates in the Yom Kippur holiday, also known as the Day of Atonement. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the two “High Holy Days”.

The concept, regardless of beliefs, is to reflect upon self-improvement annually.

One tradition that I use to love when going out or having parties on New Year’s Eve was the singing of Auld Lang Syne.  Robert Burns, a Scot born in 1759, wrote the song.  He died of an early age, about thirty-seven-years-old. Although his life was short, he secured himself a place in history and in legend.

Robert Burns
The hand written poem that was to become the song.

There is another poem, that fits into our world today, and was written by Robert Burns in 1792.

The Slaves’ Lament

By Robert Burns

It was in sweet Senegal that my foes did me enthrall,

For the lands of Virginia,-ginia, O:

Torn from that lovely shore, and must never see it more;

And alas! I am weary, weary O.

All on that charming coast is no bitter snow and frost,

Like the lands of Virginia,-ginia, O:

And alas! I am weary, weary O:

There streams for ever flow, and there flowers for ever blow,

And alas! I am weary, weary O:

The burden I must bear, while the cruel scourge I fear,

In the lands of Virginia,-ginia, O;

And I think on friends most dear, with the bitter, bitter tear,

And alas! I am weary, weary O:

My interpretation of the poem is that Burns saw Virginia as a beautiful country, a romantic realm of the South.  Yet there he made both friends and foes.  The Plantation owner’s cruelness he feared, while thinking of his friends it was done so with bitterness and tears.  One my look upon this poem as they wish, however, it uses sensitivity when written, slightly letting the truth show through, but gave him great sadness.

Is this what we are doing today, looking on through the cruelness of the times with squinted eyes?  Does it bring pain to our hearts, but do we let others see our weariness and tears?  I think not.


My Heart Beats For You

Another personal life lesson from C.R. Murphree, Educator, Published Young Adult Author, Mental Health Activist, Black Student Union Organizer, and my Son.

Thoughts and Writings on Mental Health

For Karen, My Heart Beats For You

I sometimes watch her sleep at night. I’ve been doing so for what seems like a lifetime. I’m memorized as her blond hair falls gently to one side and the lashes that line her eyes rest softly, and every so often flutter because her mind is still working. The mystery is knowing that when I see her in the morning there will be a yellow, disheveled mess all over her head, spiking in every direction, and I have to contemplate how that happens to someone who sleeps so still. I have the contours of her body memorized. It’s a body that I have been exploring since I was fifteen, and it hasn’t changed much through the years, so knowing every shape is not difficult.

Have you ever met someone that you become more calm by simply being next to them? You swallow their…

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Offensive is out of control…#194

It would appear that our society is submitting to a spirit of offense with increasing regularity.  Many harbor bitterness and resentment, it manifest into hate, anger, intolerance, violence and yes, fear.  With all of these in place, it distorts views on truth, some become ignorant.  Ignorance produces more of the same!  Offensiveness exists but it is not necessary to pick it up and run with it.  Hate exists but we do not have to act upon it.  We do not have to assume a victim mentality, if we know the truth.  When we know the truths damaging side effects cannot touch us.  We then become part of the solution and not the problem.

Americans find many, almost everything offensive, and here are only a few researched, and the most offensive are not at the top of the list.

  1. Offering an 18-Year-Old a Drink
  2. Leaving Kids in Strollers Outside Stores
  3. Talk in the Imperative Form
  4. Saying Certain Words
  5. Not Leaving a Tip
  6. Letting your child play nude in fountains, pools.
  7. Not smiling at people
  8. Discussing salary
  9. Eating certain foods
  10. Commenting on weight
  11. Hiring someone based on looks.
  12. Standing too close to another person
  13. Topless women
  14. Staying at a restaurant visiting after finishing a meal
  15. Letting a birthday person pay for on food
  16. Waving at a waitress or waiter
  17. Slurping food
  18. Sitting through the National Anthem
  19. Putting money on counter when paying
  20. Kissing on the cheek
  21. Speaking another language in front of others
  22. Clothes-less people on TV
  23. Cursing on TV
  24. Using Metric
  25. Sitting in front of a cab
  26. Offensive nicknames
  27. Smooching in public
  28. Red light districts
  29. Staring
  30. Sharing cultural things
  31. Public baby feeding
  32. Not glorifying the military
  33. Having more than one wife
  34. Disrespecting the National flay, wearing it on clothing for example
  35. Friendly banter
  36. Not replying back
  37. No swearing, vulgar language
  38. Discuss your sex life
  39. Laughing at accents
  40. It’s offensive to make racial slurs
  41. It’s offensive to make  sexist comments
  42. Why don’t you have kids
  43. Gay relationships, which of you are the man/woman
  44. Will you tell your child he/she is adopted
  45. Death – they are in a better place
  46. I will pray for you
  47. Are you pregnant (overweight people you just met)
  48. Your just a housewife
  49. I’m not racist, but
  50. Calling someone retarded


Lies catch up with you…#193

Why does Trump not want to have the Bolton book published, for one reason it is no doubt damning and another is it is too close to election to have yet another damaging cloud hanging above his head.  Trump’s accusations are that Bolton’s book contains classified information.  The President has warned Bolton of possible criminal charges.  Trump is saying that Bolton did not have a pre-publication review. 

The Justice Department is requesting that a federal court order Bolton to have the book reviewed and to retrieve and dispose of existing copies in a manner acceptable to the government to ensure that there are no classified information.  Bolton is said to have covered many topics, showing chaos in the White House, major players, Trump’s inconsistent decision making and dealings with allies and enemies.

I find it difficult to find that Bolton wrote anything that the public throughout the world does not already know. 

The president decided the entire White House staff was working against him, running their own agenda, not his.  All of his business dealings have been under investigation one way or the other.  Trump held covet meetings late at night, avoiding official operations.  He has fired all of the White House staff from the beginning.  He is a volatile president who throws temper tantrums like a child.  His administration is filled with lies and chaos.

Trump is oblivious to the extent of the Virus; he avoids giving a straight and truthful answer or opinion.  He rolls his eyes at questions from the Media.  He has misled the American people.  Our Nation is living with uncertainty, fear and anxiety people want facts not assumptions.  Who does Trump see as enemies, to name a few, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Al Gore, Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, all news Media, The Democratic Party, and anyone who disagrees with him in the Republican Party.

Trump’s first views on American Protesters, after the killing of George Floyd, he threatened demonstrators with violence, vowing military actions against Americans.  He pushed for aggressiveness on law enforcement; He says and does anything that he believes will get him reelected.   

What will be Trump’s next move, in my opinion…

If Trump is in office another four years, we will be living under a dictatorship.  There is no economy so to speak, so tax cutting will be of no help, the economy is gone.  If you continue to live a life shut behind your door, you will become conditioned and told for your own good, you will then live under a tyranny.     


A President that no longer wants to acknowledge the Virus…#192

The normal facial expressions and body language of the American President.

The President of the US wants to stop testing for the Virus, his statement, if testing stops right now we would have very few cases.  Well correct, if we stop testing, we will not know the count, if we stop all data, deaths, hospital cases, etc., we will have low numbers in our statistics.  Just when I think he cannot come up with another brainless statement, he does.  It is election time, this is not the only reason for his stupid remarks, and he has been making them for the past four years.  His take on it, “it makes us look bad”.

Currently many states across the US since the reopening has spiked.  The one thing I do agree with, that masks are probably optional because the American people are truly informed about the Virus and can make their own decisions.  What I take issue with is their informed decisions will have the possibility of spreading the Virus. 

VP Pence has encouraged governors to downplay the spread of the Virus despite increased cases since “reopening” the country.  Like Trump, he too believes that testing will lead to cases that are more positive, are these two real.

It appears that Trump has convinced his base that the Virus no longer exists.  I, like many others ask the question, what happens to a country when its President no longer wants to acknowledge this Virus?


The South was doomed…#191

Again, and again, again, again…I have to listen to how terrible the South was, is, and in these days of unrest being from the South I am labeled.  I do not know how to get people to understand that my southern ancestors were not a part of the atrocity of those long ago days.  I do have a southern accent (now in the Midwest) in some circles makes me guilty of what transpired centuries ago.  Slavery was wrong, however, my Native American ancestors were in some cases slaves too.

My father was forced to go to an Indian School; the white people looked down on him as a lesser human being.  He spent his entire life under the cloud of discrimination because his skin was not white.  I am not defending the North or the South; I am saying many judge me without the knowledge of who I am.  It appears that there are some who would have the South removed from everyone’s brains, a history “Lobotomy”. 

What I know to be the truth…

Yes, slavery was a part of the Civil War, but not the total reason.  In addition, slaves were in Eastern and Northern United States over 400 years ago. I am from Alabama and Joseph Wheeler Plantation is one of the oldest in Alabama, dating back to year only 1818. Joe Wheeler Plantation was only a few miles from where I was born; in almost a different world. Slavery was abolished in the northern states when doing so by “northern politicians” became popular and the abolitionists began attacking slavery, and of course, the southern “politicians” tried to justify the institution. 

After the War, the North ceased to think of slaves and freedmen as being serious. Many northern politicians felt that it was not necessary to start the War because the South was economicically doomed and would die a natural death within time.  The South did eventually die, without industrial means of surviving, all would eventually be lost. 

They were right, the romantic realm of the old south was soon to be gone.  Southern plantation owners had been living a dream, and eventually they were living like most southerners, poor farm hands, these people were never rich, again.  The South was finally broken. 

It was a devastating time for slaves who worked sixteen-to-eighteen-hour days, seven days a week. Sunstroke and all types of hard work killed many. The working conditions, little food and poor clothing, terrible housing, lack of freedom to move about, and susceptibility to being sold and family separated led many slaves, to become “wearisome property.”  Some tried to fight back, they were intelligent and had “leaders”.  They sabotage production, challenge overseers, fought back when provoked, ran away with hopes of being free; there was rebellion. Plantation owners were aware that the younger generation of slaves were not “natural-born” and behaved differently that the older generation. 

Slaves were required to submit to masters and respect all whites, could travel only if they had passes, they could be killed from knowing how to read or write, limited their travel activities, and they could not own or be in possession of firearms or liquor.  My question was always, if they were not human, then why were the plantation owners afraid for them to learn how to read and write? Slave patrols were a necessity for plantation owners.

The reality was that slavery often involved beating, killing, and raping, even murder, if ever, resulted in no legal prosecution of white overseers or the owners, let alone conviction or meaningful punishment.  Glorification of Southern women often took the form of harsh penalties for slaves who raped, tried to rape, or even ogled white women.  This continued in the South well into the 1950’s. In the early 1900’s they were hanged, later years if they made it to trail they were sent to the “electric chair”. Are Blacks upset and mad, hell yes they are, would we in all of our “whiteness” be mad, hell yes. There were in the South only two levels of “white”, the rich and the poor.

This brings us to this day in America.  Not all Southerners are bad, not all Law Enforcement are bad, and not all Protesters are bad.  True Southerners are not proud of their ancestors, and have paid for the actions of their southern ancestors for many generations; and I am afraid that they will continue to pay.  Honest Law Enforcement is not proud of the actions of a few, yet they are now paying for something they were not a part.  There are good, peaceful Protesters; it is our right to protest in a peaceful manner, just as we have the right to Freedom of Speech; not all Protesters loot and burn.  As Americans, we must learn the difference.


Remember these things when you go to vote…#190

The Trump administration on Friday formally rolled back an Obama-era policy that protected LGBTQ patients from discrimination and required robust language translation services, unnerving health experts who worry vulnerable populations will face further risks during the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is believed that he did this to mobilize his religious base, since he has had so much criticism over his handling of the Virus and death of George Floyd.  He reversed an Obama policy that banned health care providers from discriminating against transgender patients and women seeking abortions.  Remember this when you vote.

President Trump praised the use of tear gas and other force to disperse Minneapolis protesters, calling it a “beautiful scene” and describing the National Guard’s actions “like a knife cutting butter.”Trump praises law enforcement response in Minneapolis, says confronting bigotry will ‘go very easily’ at event in Dallas. Remember this when you vote. 

Trump also said, “I’ll never forget. You saw the scene on that road … they were lined up. Man, they just walked straight. Moreover, yes, there was some tear gas and probably some other things and the crowd dispersed. By the end of that evening, and it was a short evening, everything was fine.”  What scene was he watching, not the one I was watching.  Remember this when you vote.

President Donald Trump drew criticism for scheduling the rally on June 19, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where white mobs attacked black citizens and businesses in one of the country’s bloodiest outbreaks of racist violence.  Trump has been criticized for trying to militarize the U.S. response to the protests.  He denied that the date for the rally was on purpose, no he was thinking of the numbers of people he might bring out.  Remember this when you vote.

Now he has changed his mind, as usual and said that he is honoring the day by moving his rally to June 10, news on Trumps changes overnight…who can keep up with all the dumb things he says or does.  Think of this when you go to vote.

President Donald Trump is making sure that supporters who are set to attend his upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, understand that he is not responsible for their possible exposure to the novel Corona Virus.  Trump, cannot be held liable if anyone attending the rally contracts the Virus.   

Remember he is making sure that he is not responsible for anything, like he always does.


Nancy Pelosi suggestion…#189

Nancy Pelosi wants to remove all of the Confederate statues from the Capital because they represent “slavery”.  If she is removing these monuments and memorials because of slavery, she has quite a few to take down.  I believe in equality, there is a movement to remove all monuments and memorials in the South, and remove history from the beginning of America until the Civil War.  Then let us know what we are talking about if we are going to make such bold statements.  

Where shall I start, maybe from the beginning…   

George Washington was a slave-owner and Founding Father of the United States. Washington inherited his first 10 slaves at the age of eleven on the death of his father in 1743. In adulthood, his personal slaveholding grew through inheritance, purchase and natural increase (slave’s chattels born). In 1759, he gained control of slaves belonging to the Custis estate upon his marriage to Martha Dandridge Custis.  He owned 317 slaves.

The Washington Monument built to commemorate George Washington, once commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, in the American Revolutionary War and the first President of the United States. There are 241 civil townships and 31 counties named for Washington a slave owner, 11 Institutions of Learning, 5 Forts, 8 Estates, 5 Neighborhoods, 8 transportation area, 11 Monuments, a stained glass window of George Washington at Prayer in the Congressional Prayer Room, US Capitol. 

Thomas Jefferson owned 600 slaves and fathered multiple slave children with his quadroon slave Sally Heming’s. Remove the hundreds of high schools, grammar schools and colleges named for Jefferson.  There are cities, counties and streets, parks the list goes on.

James Madison owned 100 slaves.  Remove the James Madison Memorial Building. The James Madison Memorial Building is one of three United States Capitol Complex buildings that house the Library of Congress. Serves as the official memorial to President James Madison. 

James Monroe owned 75 slaves.  Remove the academic buildings named after him at the University of Monroe, College of Monroe, Monroe University, and Monroe University. In addition, a statue of Monroe was dedicated in front of Tucker Hall on the campus of the College of William & Mary in 2015.  There are 28, cities, towns, villages’, 18 counties, 80 township, 1 unincorporated, and a multitude of streets, etc., statues, markers.

Andrew Jackson owned 200 slaves; he was also a slave trader.  Remove at the center of Lafayette Park, along the White House’s north side, stands this equestrian statue of President Andrew Jackson. Cast to commemorate Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans.  Towns, cities, parks must be renamed.  What about the USS Andrew Jackson. 

Martin Van Buren owned one slave (Not so rich), his father owned six slaves.  Are we to remove his name from the parks, school, and a mountain?

William Henry Harrison owned 11 (Again not so rich) slaves.  Not so much information about him!

John Tyler owned 70 slaves.  Remove any memorials of Tyler that was a slaveholder, at one point keeping forty slaves at Greenway.] Although he regarded slavery as an evil, and did not attempt to justify it (Two-faced), he never freed any of his slaves. Tyler considered slavery a part of states’ rights, and therefore the federal government lacked the authority to abolish it.   Tyler had fathered several sons with his slaves, and later sold them.

James K. Polk owned 25 slaves. A slaveholder for most of his adult life, he owned a plantation in Mississippi and bought slaves while president.    What more can be said?

Zachary Taylor owned 150 slaves.  

The list of what you call upright, law-abiding citizens were not what this country stands for today. You want equality in what stays and who goes, you have your work cut out for you.  Study your history; there are many statues, monuments and memorials to many of our presidents that owned slaves.  This is just the presidents, not counting the Congress, House, and Senate of the day.  Maybe this atrocity against human beings should be announced publicly, have someone give testimony to congress as to why they should go, or stay? 

If you are going to make such bold statements Nancy on Confederate statues, you need to acquaint yourself to history; then decide on removing “History”.


The WH is quiet about the spike in Covid-19…#188

Not a Happy Camper right now.

Yes, the country should open up, but with careful planning.  Many businesses are doing so, but it is the people themselves that refuse to believe they will contract the Virus.  This morning my son was laughed at for wearing a mask in a public place; he is supporting the economy by being there making purchases.  I told him to continue to walk away, silence may be golden, but it speak volumes when someone is laughing at your logic and common sense.  Therefore, we are on the rise with the Virus since America has opened up for business.

The corona virus is still killing Americans every day — but the Trump administration is not saying much about it.

“We’ve made every decision correctly,” Trump claimed. “We may have some embers or some ashes or we may have some flames coming, but we’ll put them out. We’ll stomp them out.”

Speaks without engaging brain.

Data shows that cases are rising and that we still have a pandemic.  Sighting cases of the Virus in Arizona and Kentucky has spiked after the WH recommended America open for business.  The WH is asking that we return to our health care providers for screenings (they want see you), vaccines (there are none available), care (want see you), or emergency services (call 911). 

I have learned that the Covid-19 is no longer a priority.  The Food and Drug Administration are returning to other issues like tobacco and CBD regulations.  The message given has conflicted with Trump’s vow of victory over the Corona Virus.  The message is that the battle has been won; but it is only beginning according to Dr. Fauci and the Experts.

I suspect it is going to be a “My body, my choice”.  I chose to keep a close watch on my health and surroundings, stay away from businesses, restaurants, casino’s, etc.; I order groceries, with Amazon taking care of my general shopping needs.  My family and I get together, large circle, respecting each other’s space, we have fun without “going out”.  If my family gets into a situation with strangers, they stay away from me for two weeks.  We do live in America, and these are my choices as I live in a “free country”.  Moreover, as a very dear internet friend pointed out to me, we still have freedom of speech and I need not apologize for the content of my post, even if most of it is my own opinion. 


The Gates…#187

Re-Blog…Created August 31, 2013

The Gates…

I am death, covered

by the blood of life’s

victims, the peace

loving, the innocent

and the brave silenced;

they lay with me here

in the grave.

The living stands in cold

silence, regret, moans on

every breath, living souls

that cannot keep away

the fear of death.

In the voices of life, there

could be heard prayer,

prejudice and dismay;

whether hate or fate, all is

now with me at “Heaven or

Hells” gate!