America is in a quandary…#182

America 1950

America is in a quandary! I was born and raised in the South, moving from the country to the town of Decatur, Alabama when I was twelve-years-old. I move to Wisconsin in 1966, America was still in turmoil.


My thoughts recently have been on the 1950’s growing up as a teenager in Decatur, going to Decatur High School. My mind focusing on those seventy years ago is still clear, and the atrocities that are going on today, the times are being recreated.

Of course today’s mayhem dates back to March 3, 1991. Rodney King faced police brutality. This skyrocket police brutality, a scandal that most Americans condemned, police forces grew and evolved. In the 1950s, the police were looked on both favorably and unfavorably by various segments of the population.

Police brutality as a societal issue dates all the way back to the Industrial Revolution in the 1870s when law enforcement would physically harm workers that went on strike. The consequences of police brutality on the public are much less than the actual victim. However, damages to the public are harder to fix since the population is too large to talk to one-on-one.

Throughout the years, police brutality can be associated with racial profiling. Differences in race, religion, politics, sometimes exist between police and American citizens. Some police officers may view them as generally deserving punishment.

However, there are “GOOD” police officers in America and these police officers enjoyed wide support. It did in 1950 and it does today in 2020. In America in 1950, there was good faith in all levels of government. Nevertheless, we were pummeled with Vietnam, Watergate and other events helped erode their trust. Generally, citizens in the suburbs and middle- or upper-class white citizens in the cities regarded the police favorably.

However, the 1950s also saw great conflict. Communities strongly resented the police in the 1950s. In the South, citizens resented police for their physical brutality and abuse of power. They also mistrusted the police as a protective institution. In the 1950s, In Decatur, Alabama, my “home town”, police forces were mostly white and male.  In certain ways, the police were regarded as more powerful in the 1950s and 1960’s.

I am not proud to be a Southerner in those days; I was a “kid” and many things I did not understand. The things that I did understand were mind blowing. I grew to know that my mother was a racist, so was my older sister though behind a mask of lies. My daddy was never a racist and knew discrimination first hand, as have I, he always spoke the truth. They are no longer with us, and I still grieve for them, loving them as they were, was my only way to survive. However, I am proud that I was raised by my daddy and bought up in the Native American traditions of my daddy’s people.

What is going on today in America…I am ashamed of the entire country, I pray that it finds its way back.

However, other than the first hand knowledge about government control and family…all of this is just my opinion!




Native American Ancestors – Battles and Beliefs…#180

1.Wandering-desert Women
Acrylics on Canvas – By Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree


Native American Ancestors – Battles and Beliefs

I had made the statement that “The Americans stole the land from the Native Americans, just as the Native Americans stole the land from those before them”. The current question is “Who did the Native Americans steal land from”? Only each other!

Native Americans were stealing land from one another, and killing one another long before others sailed to what is today known as America. Taking land by conquest was a part of Native American culture. Creek Indians conquered land from Choctaws and Chickasaws and other Creeks. Comanche’s came in and took the land from the Apaches by war, as so on.   The Cheyenne and Comanche took a lot of land away from other Indians when they got the horse. The Blackfeet, Nez Pierce, and Crow continually fought over the same land in Idaho and Wyoming. American Indians both stole, and had land stolen. The Apache stole every “thing” from everybody.

Columbus thought he was in India because of how similar the Natives appearance to the Persians, thus history tells us that Columbus discovered America. However, America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer who set forth the then revolutionary concept that the lands that Christopher Columbus sailed to in 1492 were part of a separate continent. A map created in 1507  was the first to depict this new continent with the name “America,” a Latinized version of “Amerigo.”

My ancestors were Chickasaw in Southeast America, living between the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico. In the area of the Mississippi River. They inherited the Mississippian culture period that lasted from AD 700- 1600. The natives of the regions spoke a number of different languages that included Choctaw, Chickasaw, Apalachee, Creek, Seminole, and Alabama.

The Natives of the Southeast both grew food and were hunter-gathers. The main items of their diets included cornbread, grits, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn. They were able to catch rabbits, hogs, turkey, raccoons and deer. The religious beliefs of the Native Americans of the Southeast were similar to the rest of the Native Americans. They believed in Animism, the belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork and perhaps even words—as animated and alive.

We as humans would have done well to continue keeping Animism in all religions, with this belief, we would have respected everything and each other, creating a better America.

However, this is just my opinion!




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Betraying Native Americans…#179


4.MAKA-Earth Family
Acrylic Artwork by Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree


It appears that the Trump administration has revoked a tribe’s reservation status, in a grab power for land. This news is not new, but worthy a post. The administration has used discretionary powers to attempt to take lands away from Native Americans. I believe the decision is cruel and unnecessary, and many tribes are dealing with the Virus within their sovereign lands.

One major thing that comes to mind is the one-billion-resort casino. I can very easily see our President attempting to buy it from the government. These people are being blindsided. The federal court decided to remove the special land designations bestowed in 2015 under President Barack Obama.

The very bad news is that Native Americans own no land. Reservations are Federal lands, and the Federal government legally owns the land. American Indians living on Indian reservations cannot take mortgages out on their homes, because banks know that American Indians don’t own the land; the Federal government does.

The American tribes lost their lands due to being out matched by better armed Europeans who had black powder guns and cannons, steel armor and swords, which made them very hard to take down with the weapons the natives were used for fighting. The Americans stole the land from the Native Americans, just as the Native Americans stole the land from those before them.

The decision is the latest concerning sign that the Trump administration is willing to use its discretionary powers to attempt to take lands away from tribes. Joe Biden has posted a protest about the move. All year these power grabs have been going on, from East to West coast.

A Judge has blocks Trump from giving Virus relief for Native American communities to corporations. The Trump plan “betrays” congressional intent and tribal nations.” They were eligible for $8 billion in funding allocated by Congress; the Tribes believe that there will be other attempts to direct these funds away.

Have we forgotten the Native Americans?

However, that is just my opinion!



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The Book of Revelations…#178


Over the past months I have be ask did I think that the Book of Revelations was being fulfilled, is it the end of days? I have seen many Face Book pages with images on “Beware” “God leads the way” “Antichrist”, etc, etc. I believe in a Higher Power, I taught Sunday school for ten years, which makes me no authority, but somewhat knowledgeable. It is a personal choice as to what an individual chooses to call their “God” or believe in. I stop being a believer in organized religion many years ago. I am and have always been spiritual; I was brought up believing that the Great Mystery lives in everything.

I am not “going religious” as they say on anyone, and I respectfully honor everyone’s choice of beliefs. However, I do know that the Bible has almost fifty authors, all men (again no disrespect) whom have written the Books of the Bible, as they have perceived the world at the time of writing. All handed down word of mouth, writing on rocks, wheat paper and many other things. All of this interpreted by the authors down though the past, maybe starting in the era of Abraham which has been said to have spoken to God in 2100 BC. We are soon coming upon 2100AD. Many translations have taken place in these 4200 years.

Nevertheless, in layman terms, The Book Revelations authors name is John a Christian prophet. It is believed that Revelation was an apocalyptic prophecy, a warning of sorts. Remember, it is written as they saw or visualized things at the time. Its understanding is difficult because of these things. I believe that it was written to chastise Christians with different beliefs; many of the time distrusted the Book of Revelations. It has been accepted and rejected many times throughout history.

Revelations speaks of broken seals; people believe what they want to or have been taught too. “There will be a great earthquake, the sun becomes black and the moon turns to blood, a sign; I don’t think so since we have been having earthquakes, ellipse of the sun and Blood Moons for quite some time now and the world ending it has not. On and on it goes, the beast, the false Prophet and the one about martyrs living and reigning with Christ for a thousand years. A New Heaven and Earth, and a New Jerusalem, no more suffering o death, God will dwell with humanity in the New Jerusalem. Therefore, I can place all of this in the Book of Revelations into any scenario over the past 4200 years.

All we can do is try to be mindful every day of the people and situations around us, care for those in need, respect one another and handle each situation when it arises. I have learned to live in the moment and not worry about what is going to happen one-thousand-years from now. We all have burdens to bear; they are not placed upon us because we are bad. Most of the time we place them upon ourselves because of our own actions.

Yes, I believe in a Higher Power, I believe that we must live right as best we can, be mindful of others and our own actions. I believe, because that is how I was raised and who I have become. When I see all of these “Jesus” postings, pray for me posting, they are placed there, as an attraction getter to receive “likes” for the day. Keep the man called Jesus teachings in your heart, pray for those with needs and not out of greed. If you keep these things in mind, that you will be OK.

It’s like the Dalai Lama said that “religion is like going out to dinner with friends.  Everyone ma order something different, but everyone can still sit at the same table.”

However, that is just my opinion


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Our “Fake” President…#177



I read recently about an individual the proclaimed that he would honor whatever the government said that the Virus was a fake crisis. Later, he and his wife contracted the virus, he recovered; his wife was put on a ventilator.

It is time that people stop to think what is President Trump thinking when he misspeaks and makes false claims; oh, that’s right he don’t think. He has once again threatened to stop U.S. funding to the WHO, and reconsider the country’s membership in the United Nations. I cannot see the country “not” being in the United Nations, this “FAKE” president is setting this nation back years; I sometimes wonder if we will ever recover totally.   He praises and he blames, changing his mind instantly. The Chinese is accusing the United States in using China as an excuse to shirk from their financial obligation.

What the hell, if Trump pisses off every foreign country that we owe money too, and if they stop financing the United States, or want instant repayment we may be in bigger trouble than we are now. What if, all of the countries that export to the U.S. stopped, what if all of the contracts we have with these counties when we sent all of our companies “overseas” decided to run U.S. out of their countries? What if, they stop all exports to the U.S. and not allow the U.S. on their soil. Well, we have gotten ourselves in a hell of a mess, haven’t we?

His once supporter, Fox News is now on his “list”, Trump is now criticizing the network. They jumped on the new drug he is taking, fearful the public will do the same. Those taking the drug with vulnerable conditions, respiratory conditions, heart ailments, they all died. The FDA has warned those taking the drug outside a controlled study where they are watched.

Trump is tested regular for the virus, if he believes that there is no reason for his fellow citizens to fear the virus, why is he tested. John-Q-Public has a difficult time in getting this test, but the President probably has one daily. In this new claim of the drug he is taking, he believes that the benefit from the treatment outweighs the risks.

All of his actions are to open up the country so he can have a rally and fill the arena with his followers. He will receive praise and give them the showmanship that he is noted for in all of his rallies. He is waiting for a Republican governor to OK a rally. Actually, without him doing press briefings he does not have to answer questions about why he is not wearing a mask, hoping no one wears one. Trump supporters will come to a rally knowing that they have the potential to get the virus.

I am fearful that the economy will take a dive, simple items which we have become accustomed to will no longer be available when export from other countries stop. That thousands of businesses will not survive, family business will no longer be the American dream. That credit card companies will freeze the use of card due to the public’s decision to stop paying them, or send monthly payments. Items in grocery stores will be limited. Gas may be limited. Yes, another depression that will take decades for us to recover.

However, that is just my opinion


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Rubble of Pain…#176



A Poem

Rubble of Pain…#176

Light flows through our war of disrespectful words, tears fall, cheeks wet. In these times of uncertainty an unknown sadness rolls over us, we smile, we jest, yet, there is a fear clinging within my breast. Your words do not bring me rest, or smiles, you give me your hand and hush for a while. Let me read your soul deep within your lucid eyes, a mind filled with disapproval.

There is no one now that can unlock my heart, nothing that can be said or felt. Your thoughts, did not reveal or conceal, or disguise your lack of sympathy, place blame and criticize. You became alien to me, yet you would not allow my heart, our voice, if only for one moment to be free. Fate, you felt possession, you poured out your strife like a muddy river, never to change.

You have no genuine self, you force to obey, despite and un-regarded for life you could not see, you were blind with doubt it was eternally. The knowledge of our life buried, fire and force, walking down the rough path; deep pain always mine. You had no spirit, only power to control, nameless feelings that course through my hurting breast, a life unrepressed. I speak and act so no one will know hidden burses down to the soul.

My hidden self, there are those that see you as charming and kind, this is not true! Inward I strive and follow demands; in return, a thousand nothings by the hour, all miraculous compensate your power.   I am numb, yet I answer your call, from time to time I hid in the depths of my soul; my voice a floating unheard echo conveys pain. Your jaded eyes stare, glare, I read the words unspoken deafening creating fear. A bolt of tones, frightening, is piercing my ears.

No feeling stirs, the heart lies plain, you never became aware of a life winding down, you see no meadows of flowers, no sun, no breeze, and your madness is elusive to all the rest. There is no feeling there is no respite. The calm that I never knew, the mountains that my mind did climb; our war of mocking words; I held back the tears, the sadness, I wish that I lived by the sea where I could lose myself in the crashing waves; anything but here, my soul and spirit want to sink within its madness and always stay, stay, stay.

It was too late, your love came revealed in death, and my heart has nothing to say. You lived and moved in disguises, alien to all but yourself, there was no heart beating in your human breast, until the end. In life what did you truly possess, your own strife, your identity; the river of our life unclear flowed its way. I lived in blind uncertainty, life for me buried from the day we met, no fire or restlessness, just a thirst for the mystery of it all, nameless feelings lived in vain. The loss, my heart lay open for all to see, the hurt hidden twisted among the rubble of pain.





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Who is Watching the Barn Door…#175


Image result for voting Lines 1776
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1956 and Nothing changes through…









My father, daddy to me was born in October 1903 to a Chickasaw mother and a white man, a dandy of sorts. My grandmother a beautiful girl of nineteen, high cheekbones and brown doe eyes caught the eye of many men in a small town, Tarrant City, Alabama, near Birmingham, a growing town in those days. She was the first born of my great-grandmother, a homely Chickasaw woman named Mary Jane Overton-Harris-Hall who scratched, clawed, cheated and lied herself into becoming a woman of means; she buried Pap my great-grandfather, unmarried; two  well off husband’s. Her only daughter Emmalyn, who died in the 1920’s from the Spanish Flu, also had an eye for men, not for wealth like her mother, but for fun, then love. This is only a small back-story of who my daddy was his class, that of an Indian;.   This post is not about the life of  my daddy, but of voting.

However, my daddy who was born in America as was his ancestors who migrated from Asia about 15,000 years ago was not given citizenship nor the right to vote until he became a grown man, twenty-one-years-old. Voting is not new… the right to vote has been an issue since it first began in 1776. The pattern for years of our government and “John-Q-Public” was if you were a “white man”, you had more rights than those of women or both men and women of a different color.

Which brings me to the subject of voting and Jared Kushner, Presidents son-in-law, Senior White House adviser suggesting that there was an uncertainty about whether the presidential election would happen in November due to the current pandemic? He stated that he had some role in making that determination. Shortly afterwards he begin to back-peddle, saying he was unaware of and not involved in any discussions about changing the date. Neither Trump nor Kushner as his adviser has any legal authority to change the timing of the presidential election.

I suspect it was a thought that came flowing out of his mouth to allow Trump time to campaign; there is only six months left for him to bring the Nation on board. Kushner’s statement reveals amazing ignorance of the Constitution and law. It appears that Kushner has no idea about laws and constitutional matters governing presidential elections. I believe most knew that Trump would try to use the Virus to reschedule the election.

Frankly, I am getting tired of politics and politicians in general. Voting has been a problem, almost from the beginning of time. A federal statute says Election Day is to be held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. This period has been “law” since 1845; every voter must cast his or her vote on the same day. Maybe it is time that “someone”, not Trump and his bunch of criminals, to put together a committee to rewrite many of our laws, take out those that are ridiculous, start with when the Mayflower landed would be my choice. America has become a “Yours, Mine, Ours” country, no one can agree on anything.  Where did we go wrong?  Trump?

However, that is just my opinion!



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It must be tiring to always be patting yourself on the back…#174


I never want to forget this picture, this is who we call our president!


Out of control, always.


Does not know what to say, but never shuts up.


What is wrong with our president?


Take a good look at an older picture, study the look on each individuals face.

Trump is a master at keeping his followers misinformed, gives false data, facts and theories. Trump is an individual that can show a stubborn sense of certainty. He suggests things that he does not know the consequences, his misinformation lives in his followers; it festers and grows. Trumps misinformation causes no outrage or scandal among his followers. Trump makes up extravagant and visible examples as he goes along, not knowing if they are true or not.

So, over the weekend we had to endure Trump once again patting himself on the back for the way he has handled the pandemic. He declared that he had done this by having an early ban on people coming from China. When in fact, his restrictions can a little too late. He has totally ignored that deaths in this country will double, “his fake news”. He continually exaggerates, his implication that former President Barack Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden, were ignorant and did nothing during the “swine flu,” is wrong. The truth is that the Obama administration declared a public health emergency two weeks after being put on alert. Trump declared a state of emergency seven weeks after he was informed.

Currently South Korea and China after loosening restrictions have renewed their restrictions as new cases of the virus have been reported. Apparently, the virus has the ability to continue spreading. These countries are encouraging people to stay alert, avoid social gatherings. In the U.S., many are chomping at the bit to relax restrictions, health experts may be seen, but not heard. President Donald Trump wants to restart the nation; his campaigning on a great economy depends on it. He also has stated that one cannot have a rally without people, another reason to open the country. However, Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx has held any briefings since late February. Someone…does not want the country to hear what they have to say.

I understand the need to open business’, schools, recreational events, use good judgment, be safe and don’t put a label on yourself that you are dispensable, everyone is essential, many care about you.

However, this is just my opinion!



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Scumbag of the Century…#173

Trump has a history of exploitation of women.

The Trump administration has put the responsibility on states to handle COVID-19 response. This approach to managing the pandemic has been reflected in President Donald Trump’s public statements, from the assertion that he is not responsible for anything; he plays the blame game constantly. The Virus problem is now in his own circle.

The US Navy serves as President Donald Trump’s personal valets has tested positive for Corona Virus. Valets are members of an elite military unit dedicated to the White House and often work very close to the President and first family. Trump was upset when he was informed that the valet had tested positive, and the White House physician tested him again. The same physician that said Trump was in perfect health!
Trump, is being tested weekly for Corona Virus. If he is tested weekly, why don’t he wear mask in public? Why is he making visits to various businesses without protection, why, why, why in the world can he say one thing and act another? Donald Trump is a never-ending liar, and has the morals of…well there is no one lower than Trump; maybe pond scum, he is an embarrassment to this county. Who scrutinized Trump before he ran for office; he clearly had a record for being a scumbag.


Melania posed nude in her mid-twenties but the photos were never on the Internet until this past July; this was hushed during campaigning. Trump graced the cover of Play Boy. He talked trash about his wife, arrogantly mentioned how much money he had several times, and even talked about himself in the third person. Rather than cringe at Playboy’s portrayal of him, Trump seems to be proud of his interview in the magazine and can be seen flashing it around on occasion.

Is his daughter caught up in his dangerous  games, does he have no shame?  Do you want this man for the leader of our county?


I believe he is unfit to  be president!


However, that is just my opinion.





Trump’s Election Day…#172

I believe he is pouting!


Trump’s Election Day…

Trump only has six-months to pull together his followers before “election” day; months ago, he based his win on the rise in the economy that has taken a nosedive during the wake of the C-19 Virus. This is his main reason for pushing the states to reopen. If the country reopens unemployment will end, the stimulus may end with only a handful of Americans receiving the money. Business will be open but employers may only have a few return to work, sacrificing employees to recoup their losses. The worse event will be that the Virus will spread quickly and lives will be lost. Recently, the Corona Virus has killed 54 residents of a Medford nursing home over the past four weeks and infected another 100, in the latest deadly outbreak at an elderly care facility in the state. Do the politicians not read these statistics?

The governors’ biggest cheerleader for reopening the country is President Trump. He has expressed support for protesters pushing their states to end the. Politically, governors have learned that they are more likely to be criticized by Trump for maintaining stay-at-home orders. However, as states have defied that criteria to begin restarting business activity from retail stores to restaurants, to elective they have been cheered on by Trump and his allies.

Trump keeps demanding recognition for what he calls his brilliant work. The Trump administration’s said that his handling of the Virus is “a great success story “, when more than 60,000 Americans lie dead, and no end in sight. We have a completely unreliable President; Trump’s whopping lies goes on and on and on and on. Trump demands thanks from governors when he is just barely doing his job as president.

However, this is just my opinion!