America appears to be on “Crack”…#315

Freedom, the right to become nothing, build nothing, think nothing.  One of my favorite poets is Langston Hughes, a dreamer, there are many others as well?  A poet’s soul is deep; it creates in us the need to revise, revise, and revise.  Children are grand poets, clean, clear minds not yet destroyed by society, or filled with myths, threats and social prejudices.  Yet, many of the greatest poets are those who have experienced love, hate, social injustice and despair.

My poetry is filled with experience, it includes family injustice, personal despair, and yes hate.  I can only express my love as I have known it, my children has been the foundation of my love from the moment of their births; therefore, I do know love; expressing it has not found a place in my well of words.  The intensity of expression of my feelings and ideas has individual style and rhythm.  They come from that place within me that stays hidden from the outside world.  My poetry frequently tells a story filled with dark drama, it is unique in style.  Most time comes from either my spiritual, emotional, or psychological state; individually or all towering over me like a cloud.

The poem below comes from that place within me that fears for the future of our “Nation”.

Image result for Donald Trump at CPAC 2021
Donald Trump to represent the Republican Party at CPAC 2021. Should this evil man be allow to continue in America’s future?

America appears to be on “Crack”

And, America appears to be like someone

who has red ants in their pants; run, run, run. 

Washington is filled with bizarrely benign,

relics, America is not going forward toward

the light; it is rushing backwards into the


Brewing storms, ranting, not caring or

watching for the snap of a jaw that destroys

us all.  Politics are gnawed on by every

American adult.  Politicians spewing remarkable

lies.  If here, if Moses were here, he would be

raising his arms to the questioning white faces.      

What will our future be now that the world is

turned upside down?   A former leader believing

that he was God’s right hand man, piloting a

desecration of an American sacred building;

one built from stone and bone.    


Atlantis buried under ice one day here, the

next gone.  Will America slip quietly into the

dark ocean?  Americans, a blip in the history of

mankind, live, die, decide.  A great black distance

looms over the people as they curl themselves

around the flames of non-responsibility. They

should want to escape from the lie strewn plains

and mountains of our country; yet,  their eyes

dark pools of blindness.

America appears to be on “Crack”.


Run, Run, Run…#306

Free Style Micro Poetry


A  caged sleep, tears shed, the thoughts of false caring that others portray is a lie.  Their spitefulness in thought held captive the sleeping mind not allowing it to wake.  There are those that cannot be trusted, they show concern for their own selves and their own greed.  They are always on the prowl to take, take, and take.  They cause pain to the minds of the blameless and find in it joy, their tongue of fire knows not the truth.  Yet, they will ask you for your prayers, to engorge their own needs.  If they touch your life, it will never be the same.

Run, Run, Run…


You Cannot Help or Please a Toxic Person…#255

Image result for Ghandi on toxic people

During the first 53 years of my life I believed that I did not have a single toxic individual in my life.  I spent my life bending over backwards to please parents, siblings and friends.  During this past year the pandemic has brought out the toxicity in many people, I had patience; I have shown my love and given all I could to the cause.  Sanity!

In 2021, I began to take assessment of how I had lived my life, I found that the toxic numbers were few; most of the toxic individuals were gone, died out over the years.   Throughout the years, I gave them a piece of my life without expectations.  However, one-way relationships are mostly tiring.  I have come to realize that toxic people do not want your opinion or advice; they wanted someone who would listen to their toxic whining that only they could control. 

Once that toxic people have complained, nitpick, and wasted your time over things you know they will never change, they do not need you until the next time they need attention.   When we realize that it’s time to cut ties, a realization that it may be time to change direction comes to light.  Toxic people are dangerous. They are dangerous to your inner peace and they’re dangerous to our own self-esteem.  My own guidelines or “red flags” that someone in your life is toxic are simple; my fault is that I did not realize how it has been affecting me for most of my life.

I find that toxic people thrive on drama. It gets them sympathy and it gets them attention.  Toxic people are obsessed with themselves and think only of their own feelings and opinions, showing little to no concern for others.   Toxic people are so insecure that they cannot tolerate the idea of being wrong.  They always have someone else to blame for their problems and are happy to blame anyone and everyone when things go wrong.

Look to the people within your support network that do lift you up, and show up when things get hard. Support the people who care for you instead of wasting your time, effort and energy on people who bring you down.  Toxic people are like cancerous growths. They spread until they affect every aspect of our lives, and they destroy us if we don’t cut them out.

Also making sure they are completely blocked from contacting you through everything and anyone who may be known to you both. Working on you, on inward love and setting yourself boundaries and a list of expected behaviors from others to protect yourself. Trust your gut. Remember that toxic people never change; they simply learn new was to manipulate you and to suck you back into the problem which they truly do not want to solve. 


A Rotting America…#251

Casualties of the Times

Begging for food, living on the streets, no jobs to be found, families no longer sound.  Government talks end up in contradictions, poverty is the prediction.  

The homeless cannot sleep during winter’s cold nights, they gather around a burning barrel, men, women and children, forgotten, shattered and despised; in the distance a baby cries. 

The spirit freezes, fruit of labors rot, life squeezes and struggles persist, bad luck smothering heart and soul, hope ceases to exist. 

Changing winds turn into storms, will the world grow wiser, or will it be humbled and beaten back into servility? 

Trust departed, a cardboard box in the streets is where the homeless make their beds, hope disappears and the future appears dead.


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Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts: A decade of poetry: Johnson-Murphree, Elizabeth Ann: 9781723433054: Books

A Sachet of Poetry: Adoration Aspirations Anger Asylums: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781500483357: Books

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Rutted Roads: A Collections of Poems: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781532909368: Books

A Passage into Madness: A State of Frenzied Activity: Johnson-Murphree, Elizabeth Ann: 9781688948990: Books

Yes, another political post…#244

President Trump has said that this Election Day will be the most exciting in U.S. history, while mocking Joe Biden.  On Saturday night, Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, said the president has been cleared to return to an active schedule and has met criteria from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to end isolation.  Then why don’t we see the results of his test?  If Trump “does” have the Virus, and it has been proven, the Dr. Sean Conley and anyone else who has said he is “Cured” needs to be jailed as a criminal along with Trump.

Also, now that Trump has fallen down in the polls he will begin his pursuit on ballot tampering so that he can insist on the true winner is the decision of the Supreme Court.  He will then be counted the winner as the Supreme Court being mainly Republican will give it to him, the Bush/Gore ticket.  Joe Biden will need to win by a landslide; even then Trump will contest the vote.

Biden has served in public life for fifty years; his government experience is at his forefront.    He has become agitated at times with Trump, but he has never stooped to the low that Trump has reached.  Biden is a politician, and has proven worthy of respect for his service.  Trump is a business man, he has had a TV reality show, where all he had to say was, “You’re fired”, and this he has carried over into the White House.  His success is measured in fame, money and power, a being born into one of Americas wealthiest families did not hurt him.  He takes the stance of “If you think you have problems, look what the pandemic has done to my presidency”.  Trump is a political drama queen!

Stop to reflect on the past four years and look objectively as to why Donald Trump should not be re-elected. Need a visual, have we shut our eyes? Is this what you want to deal with another four years? These children are still in cages, many of these pictures reminds you of who he actually is as a human being. Remember, and vote for the best choice now.

Trump update: Trump is back to open-face rallies, however, his Dr. does say and I quote:

“Dr. Conley’s use of the Binex-NOW test appears to fall outside the scope of the FDA’s emergency use authorization of it, which states the test should be used “within the first seven days of symptom onset”; Trump developed symptoms 10 days ago.

However, Dr. Bobbi Pritt, chair of clinical microbiology at the Mayo Clinic, told the Association of American Medical Colleges that PCR tests might show positive results even though someone isn’t actively infectious: “You can be PCR-positive for weeks to months but you probably aren’t infectious. You’re just shedding little bits of dead RNA. The test does not distinguish live virus from dead virus,” she said.


Psychology, Virtual, Reality, Psyche


I lay quietly this morning before my four-legged son Mason woke and the first words that came to mind were “Death of a Nation”. I know that there has been much said about America, I want to continue to hope for a needed change, but will it come too late? Will America ever change? We continue as a world to make the same mistakes over and over, they are just made with different people, the future mimics the past. In the past four years. I have become aware of more political views than any other time in my life. I have become well-read and have studied as if I were back in school.

The first word that comes to mind is “conspiracy”, what will Trump do to be re-elected? How far will he go? Conspiracies are not just evil men conspiring together to do some evil. A conspiracy is simply a plan to do evil, something done in the past or, will be done in the future.  

Most Americans are unaware of a decline in their individual freedom, and the reason is obvious: the decline goes unnoticed until the majority regards it as a normal condition. Americans are overwhelmed by the current conditions, shut down, quarantined indoors, protesting the wearing of Mask, etc, and for some time our president wants the country to fully reopen, the only word that comes to mind is genocide. 

He has the COVID numbers coming directly to the WH, now we will see fake numbers. Trump will do anything including risking the lives of American citizens; all to get reelected.     

I foresee Trump placing this county into some level of Martial Law, turning America into a police state; impossible, maybe; but you have to admit Trump shows every sign as someone who wants to be a dictator. Of course, believes Trump will say that the election is rigged by the Democrats. Why, because of mail-in voting. He will campaign on the nation will not survive under a Democratic president, that only Trump can fix the trouble that America is in and will face in the future. Maybe I am wrong, and he can bring that country to success, his actions so far tells me otherwise.


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Rubble of Yesterday…#223

Image result for kudzu vine image

Promises of the mind set aside in

the days of youth; visions stored

in a hopeful place to become dim

memories and fade away.

A glimpse into the window of twilight

One finds the tombstones of yesterdays

promises; rubble covered with reminiscent


Embers burn within the soul, no peace;

there are fewer tomorrows, weep for the

uncertainty of the future and of dreams

left behind.

If you could turn back time would you

relive your life.  Would you accept the future

whatever it may be, would you disregard truth

and trust what your eyes see?  Yesterdays

promises are hidden dreams, find new

excitement in your life rid yourself of turmoil and strife.

Wake up your conscious your journey is not yet

over, there are new mountains to climb, forget

the rubble of yesterday, and wisely use your time.


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America is in a quandary…#182

America 1950

America is in a quandary! I was born and raised in the South, moving from the country to the town of Decatur, Alabama when I was twelve-years-old. I move to Wisconsin in 1966, America was still in turmoil.


My thoughts recently have been on the 1950’s growing up as a teenager in Decatur, going to Decatur High School. My mind focusing on those seventy years ago is still clear, and the atrocities that are going on today, the times are being recreated.

Of course today’s mayhem dates back to March 3, 1991. Rodney King faced police brutality. This skyrocket police brutality, a scandal that most Americans condemned, police forces grew and evolved. In the 1950s, the police were looked on both favorably and unfavorably by various segments of the population.

Police brutality as a societal issue dates all the way back to the Industrial Revolution in the 1870s when law enforcement would physically harm workers that went on strike. The consequences of police brutality on the public are much less than the actual victim. However, damages to the public are harder to fix since the population is too large to talk to one-on-one.

Throughout the years, police brutality can be associated with racial profiling. Differences in race, religion, politics, sometimes exist between police and American citizens. Some police officers may view them as generally deserving punishment.

However, there are “GOOD” police officers in America and these police officers enjoyed wide support. It did in 1950 and it does today in 2020. In America in 1950, there was good faith in all levels of government. Nevertheless, we were pummeled with Vietnam, Watergate and other events helped erode their trust. Generally, citizens in the suburbs and middle- or upper-class white citizens in the cities regarded the police favorably.

However, the 1950s also saw great conflict. Communities strongly resented the police in the 1950s. In the South, citizens resented police for their physical brutality and abuse of power. They also mistrusted the police as a protective institution. In the 1950s, In Decatur, Alabama, my “home town”, police forces were mostly white and male.  In certain ways, the police were regarded as more powerful in the 1950s and 1960’s.

I am not proud to be a Southerner in those days; I was a “kid” and many things I did not understand. The things that I did understand were mind blowing. I grew to know that my mother was a racist, so was my older sister though behind a mask of lies. My daddy was never a racist and knew discrimination first hand, as have I, he always spoke the truth. They are no longer with us, and I still grieve for them, loving them as they were, was my only way to survive. However, I am proud that I was raised by my daddy and bought up in the Native American traditions of my daddy’s people.

What is going on today in America…I am ashamed of the entire country, I pray that it finds its way back.

However, other than the first hand knowledge about government control and family…all of this is just my opinion!




Betraying Native Americans…#179


4.MAKA-Earth Family
Acrylic Artwork by Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree


It appears that the Trump administration has revoked a tribe’s reservation status, in a grab power for land. This news is not new, but worthy a post. The administration has used discretionary powers to attempt to take lands away from Native Americans. I believe the decision is cruel and unnecessary, and many tribes are dealing with the Virus within their sovereign lands.

One major thing that comes to mind is the one-billion-resort casino. I can very easily see our President attempting to buy it from the government. These people are being blindsided. The federal court decided to remove the special land designations bestowed in 2015 under President Barack Obama.

The very bad news is that Native Americans own no land. Reservations are Federal lands, and the Federal government legally owns the land. American Indians living on Indian reservations cannot take mortgages out on their homes, because banks know that American Indians don’t own the land; the Federal government does.

The American tribes lost their lands due to being out matched by better armed Europeans who had black powder guns and cannons, steel armor and swords, which made them very hard to take down with the weapons the natives were used for fighting. The Americans stole the land from the Native Americans, just as the Native Americans stole the land from those before them.

The decision is the latest concerning sign that the Trump administration is willing to use its discretionary powers to attempt to take lands away from tribes. Joe Biden has posted a protest about the move. All year these power grabs have been going on, from East to West coast.

A Judge has blocks Trump from giving Virus relief for Native American communities to corporations. The Trump plan “betrays” congressional intent and tribal nations.” They were eligible for $8 billion in funding allocated by Congress; the Tribes believe that there will be other attempts to direct these funds away.

Have we forgotten the Native Americans?

However, that is just my opinion!



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Our “Fake” President…#177



I read recently about an individual the proclaimed that he would honor whatever the government said that the Virus was a fake crisis. Later, he and his wife contracted the virus, he recovered; his wife was put on a ventilator.

It is time that people stop to think what is President Trump thinking when he misspeaks and makes false claims; oh, that’s right he don’t think. He has once again threatened to stop U.S. funding to the WHO, and reconsider the country’s membership in the United Nations. I cannot see the country “not” being in the United Nations, this “FAKE” president is setting this nation back years; I sometimes wonder if we will ever recover totally.   He praises and he blames, changing his mind instantly. The Chinese is accusing the United States in using China as an excuse to shirk from their financial obligation.

What the hell, if Trump pisses off every foreign country that we owe money too, and if they stop financing the United States, or want instant repayment we may be in bigger trouble than we are now. What if, all of the countries that export to the U.S. stopped, what if all of the contracts we have with these counties when we sent all of our companies “overseas” decided to run U.S. out of their countries? What if, they stop all exports to the U.S. and not allow the U.S. on their soil. Well, we have gotten ourselves in a hell of a mess, haven’t we?

His once supporter, Fox News is now on his “list”, Trump is now criticizing the network. They jumped on the new drug he is taking, fearful the public will do the same. Those taking the drug with vulnerable conditions, respiratory conditions, heart ailments, they all died. The FDA has warned those taking the drug outside a controlled study where they are watched.

Trump is tested regular for the virus, if he believes that there is no reason for his fellow citizens to fear the virus, why is he tested. John-Q-Public has a difficult time in getting this test, but the President probably has one daily. In this new claim of the drug he is taking, he believes that the benefit from the treatment outweighs the risks.

All of his actions are to open up the country so he can have a rally and fill the arena with his followers. He will receive praise and give them the showmanship that he is noted for in all of his rallies. He is waiting for a Republican governor to OK a rally. Actually, without him doing press briefings he does not have to answer questions about why he is not wearing a mask, hoping no one wears one. Trump supporters will come to a rally knowing that they have the potential to get the virus.

I am fearful that the economy will take a dive, simple items which we have become accustomed to will no longer be available when export from other countries stop. That thousands of businesses will not survive, family business will no longer be the American dream. That credit card companies will freeze the use of card due to the public’s decision to stop paying them, or send monthly payments. Items in grocery stores will be limited. Gas may be limited. Yes, another depression that will take decades for us to recover.

However, that is just my opinion


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